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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Are you a Transumer? Are you ready to get depressed to start working on your taxes? Can Hillary carry a tune? And much much much more…

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Yes, folks the major media loves to portray politicians as kings and queens. God, don’t “activists” annoy you as much as they do me? Scientists once again prove me right – global warming has nothing to do with humans, if it even exists, and is Obama racist? Read his first memoir and decide for yourself…

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I guess we’ll be getting universal health care cause it seems to be on everyones todo list, Republican or Democrat, Obama or Hillary, an enterprising scientist comes up with caffeinated donuts and duh, illegals afraid to break the law – ie go to work – and please don’t park your SUV in the compact spot!

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If the weather is good for you when you are old, isn’t it good for you when you are young, I look for big ass convertibles, Cheney says Clinton not good president, duh, and what is it to be human? Can you renounce your humanity through your actions?

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