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Monthly Archives: February 2007


I don’t know what got into me today but I go on a bizarre ramble fest based on a weird dream I had which felt a lot like a Twilight Zone episode or a Hitchcock Movie – theres nothing in the news I want to talk about -tired of politics and global warming and Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. In the dream, a gunman is holding us hostage in an apartment in San Francisco. The dream starts at the beginning of the day, we are hustled into this room and told by the gunman, who is round and short and bald and is wearing a grey suit and a black shirt, that his boss is going to come in at the end of the day and order him to kill us. For a while we attempted to figure out how to escape, but then we started getting hungry, started making food, then was wondering – what are we doing – we have to get out of here. Maybe it was about the futility of life – the shortness of life – how time is precious. Who knows – maybe someone out there can interpret my dream. Maybe I’m watching too much Twilight Zone. Maybe I should stop reading about how medicine is using dead bodies to make millions off families who have no idea how valuable their loved ones are after they pass. Don’t worry, we should be back to our regular programming tomorrow.

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Yes! I love it when these self-satisfied back patting egotistical politicians and celebrities are shown to be total frauds – turns out Gore wastes 20 times the resources that a typical household does in his mansion. Cheney escapes a bomb in Afghanistan, was he ever really in danger – they usually keep these politicos so far back and away there was never a chance they would have gotten hurt – but the idea they could get Cheney did kill 23. James Cameron is apparently now an archaeologist now and asserts that he has discovered Jesus’ tomb. Do these people ever stop to ask experts? No, their egos are so big that they know everything – don’t confuse me with facts! Maybe he’s looking to run for office, since a lot of politicians I know suffer from the same problem. I get a Blackberry and man, this thing is sweet. Anyone know where I can get applications for this thing? I love the progression of these devices to the eventual all-in-one portable do everything device which all we need to do is to drop on a desk and auto connect via bluetooth to a monitor and keyboard. I get hungry for a HUGE BURGER. And Europeans are happy, R U?

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By all accounts the Academy Awards were a huge yawn, ever since I had to watch them for work a long long time ago I’ve been totally bored by them. Did you watch them? And why – for God’s sake?

Bush shows up as really really popular among Republicans and God knows why – wish I knew!

More examples of the government reaching into our lives, now some California cities are banning smoking in your own private home, unless you like in a single family residence. Whats next to ban?

And finally, I really think celebs like Bill way more than Hillary, which is why they are switching over to Obamas camp.

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Even if Jesus Himself ran for President and won, do you think he’d be able to transform the country? I doubt it – with the horrific duopoly in place – nothing can ever change in a major way.

Bank of America hands credit cards out to law breakers aka illegal immigrants – has the government pretty much collectively decided that the prosecution of illegal immigrants has been pushed to the bottom of the list? I still don’t understand why the businesses who employ illegals and the businesses who support illegals get off scot-free as they aid and abet these criminals?

The Governator supports Hillary, tells people to stop picking on her about her Iraq vote. What is it with these Democrats complaining about being picked on – jeez people stand up and be a grown up and respond LIKE AN ADULT!

I realize I’m coming up on 2 years of podcasting, yikes. Wonder what I should do for my 2 year anniversary?? Any suggestions – let me know – post a comment or email me.

I send some time researching stuff on YouTube and its true – 90% is crap, we need to find a better way to unearth the good stuff, and not depend on what other people say about these things. Its so easy to give kudos to crap on the Internet. Wish people just say it like it is.

Finally, Nintendo is kicking both Microsoft’s and Sony’s ass with their Wii sales in January which are double that of the other consoles. Nearly 500,000 Wiis were sold in January, which was only limited by supply, whereas only about 250k each of PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360s were sold in January, with plenty in supply. Kudos to Nintendo for totally revitalizing this industry, which really was described just a few months ago as being moribund.

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When I first heard about this I thought it was some vacation paradise for Desperate Housewife Soccer Moms to get away from their families and bitch about their husbands,but apparently its a haven for Muslim women to act like they are in the 21st century. I still wonder why radical feminists give Islamic fundamentalists a pass on their treatment of women. Pelosi tells the teacher on Cheney bullying the Dems – awww poor babies – just grow up willya. Clinton and Obama clash over a measly $2300 in campaign contributions from David Geffen, c’mon guys are these your true stripes, are these really the kind of people we want in power? And finally, while the government is taking steps to convert illegal, law breaking immigrants to citizenship, why not do something about all the rest of us who have been sitting in the LEGAL citizenship queue for years. Or maybe something for the families who have been waiting years to re-unite with their loved ones? Why not do something for them too? Somehow, I doubt it, since its not 12 million voters, is it?

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So Britney Spears is in rehab – big deal – why do we feel sorry for these rich pampered celebrities? Some people forget that you drive on the RIGHT in America. The Dems ratchet up the rhetoric on Iraq, now saying that Iraq is WORSE THAN VIETNAM, which is total BS – they have NO justification for that assertion at all! What about the lack of a draft for one thing? What about NOT forcing people to fight against their will – i think not having to do that is a huge difference, for one thing. Is this not an all-volunteer force? As the UK preps to pull out of Iraq, it makes me laugh when we call this a coalition, doesnt the US have 90% of the troop strength over there? And a bunch of Chinese scholar decide that private property is a bad thing, and do a petition against it. This is an issue – how do you go from a communist/totalitarian state to a free market without theft and political handouts? Its a tough question. Oh yeah, and check out Kejda’s blog

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Flying sucks – from the crappy service and attitudes of the personnel, to the back room deal which screw customers over, to “delayed baggage” (nice euphemism for LOST LUGGAGE), if there was some OTHER way to get across the country, don’t you think people would use it. What ever happened to bullet trains? Why is American Idol such a big deal? Why does 10% of the country glue their eyeballs to the screen for 4+ hours a week? I’ll never know – maybes its the whole Cinderella Story meets Karaoke. Celebs are turning their attention to Obama since they actually like Bill more than Hillary – even Babs is hedging her bets! For some reason, its a lucky year to be born if you are Chinese – don’t ask me why we still labor under superstitions like this – maybe it is the power of the mind.

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I don’t usually agree with Karl Rove but today I do – he says its far too early for the candidates to start cranking up for 2008 and I totally agree – even though I’m contributing to the problem. I’m liking Mitt even more after doing some research on him – but please, why not stand out from the pack by NOT talking about bringing in socialized medicine, like every other freaking candidate. Like I’ve said on many occasions, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE is not a GOOD THING (to paraphrase Martha Stewart). Napping is supposedly good for your heart, say a bunch of Greek researchers. Personally, I think this is just a study to justify all the mid-day naps Greeks take. A few comments on the 5,000 year hug – amazing how we romanticize this even though we really don’t know the circumstances of the times, but it doesn’t really matter, it is what we believe it is, not what it really might be. No show tomorrow as I will be traveling so see you again on Thursday the 15th.

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Nothing like a idiot driver to get your blood boiling in the morning! I read an awesome statement by the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, who agrees with me that the idiots have taken over the asylum on global warming, plus anyone who calls Al Gore insane is OK in my book, even though I don’t believe that he is crazy, just a shrewd politician. Plus, these award shows no longer have anything to do with being the best – it just has to do with politics, politics, politics and more politics.

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What has Obama done to dazzle us? What has any politician done to dazzle us lately? Thanks to one of my listeners, I realize that Gore is just like Anna Nicole Smith, he rides the coattails of the issue of the day, just like Anna Nicole married a millionaire in order to get rich, Gore married “I created the internet” and now “I singlehandedly will stop Global Warming”. He’s planning a massive concert in order to deal with the issue. What is it with liberals always wanting to have concerts for stuff – why not just GIVE YOURSELF. Why get others to give for you? So hypocritical. A little on internet freedom in Syria, a little on Pandora, the music recommendation service.


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