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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Looks like Tony Blair listens to my show – awesome eh? Why isn’t anyone else more pissed off about the government sliding things into bills that don’t belong – like the convention costs being slid into the war bill or the anti-online casino stuff being slid into the port bill. No one seems to care. Hillary is going to be on South Park – can’t wait to see what Parker and Stone have in store for her. Did you ever expect to see US soldier effigies burning in PORTLAND?? I guess you need to know that California is not liberal enough for some people and they move to Portland, Seattle and Idaho and spread their insanity. Never argue with a fanatic. And finally, the Garbage In, Garbage Out principle hits the global warming debate. I’ll believe a model which projects out 100 years when they figure out a model that accurately goes beyond 5 days.

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Does anyone else think that the capture of the British soldiers was anything else than an act of war? What ever happened to the cojones of the Brits – I guess maybe the current government is afraid of the local Muslim community? I’d have expected a stronger response than that. Anna Nicole died of an overdose – is anyone surprised? Illegal immigrant rallies fall flat. Hillary makes an ass out of herself on Yahoo! Answers – I figure out why liberals think the human race causes global warming – their egos are so big they think the can singlehandedly change the world. A big chunk – 29% of the US says NO to the internet – and I put out a call for guest hosts – send me your little audio clips and you too could be ranting on the THINKfuture Radio Show!

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A little break from the politics of the day – I just cant seem to get into this whole Gonzales/subpoena thing. I struggle with it them give up and talk about my favorite new internet toys, twitter, twittervision, nabaztag, woot, and chumby. The nice people at immigration give me a civics brush-up pamphlet and CD – nice to know that new immigrants to the country are properly educated about the founders and founding principles of this country. Question is – how much have we strayed from those? Remember “taxation without representation” or George Washington specifically warning against a party system. We should listen to the founders, they’ve got good stuff to say. Yes, even now. Even 200+ years later.

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Animal activists would rather see Knut dead than in the care of zookeepers, kind of a funny angle for people supposedly upholding animal rights. A bit on attention – researchers wonder why people’s mind wander from their tasks 30-90% of the time – most likely cause the task they are trying to complete is BORING. Multitasking is the answer, dudes. New Yorkers laud London as the city of the future – probably because they don’t really understand the difference between multiculturalism and the American “melting pot”. China takes steps toward private property – which is always a good thing. And we spent $10Trillion on the War on Poverty – why are people still poor?

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ba_obama18_ckh265.jpg 128349059_9d72641d5b.jpghillary_clinton.jpg

Oh boy. I love it when the statists fight among themselves. I dissect the interesting Hillary attack ad which surfaced on YouTube. Lots of interesting things to say about that about that ad – check out what Hillary is SAYING in the ad – the crafters of this ad could have picked anything she said – why did they pick her talking about collaboration and working together – is that what they hate most about Hillary? Is it the end of long attention span? No, its the start of full control of all of our media. I realize that fanservice really is everywhere – how else can you explain completely divergent polls – one is pure fanservice.

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The Ad In Question

Very interesting – two statists arguing against each other!


I attempt to video the show, with luck it may appear online. I go through a bunch of listener emails, on everything from Digital Cameras to Global Warming. What an awesome bunch of listeners I have. So intelligent. So erudite. So – ok ok so I’m kissing your asses. No, you guys are great. Seriously.

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BIGGEST SHOW EVER! Over an hour and 10 minutes of audio goodness. Yes, its the second anniversary of the THINKfuture Radio Show. Its been a slice – a really really BIG slice. What, theres now over 200 hours of me ranting? Yikes. I don’t do a clip show cause you can just go back and listen to any of my past shows. I ask you all to come back at me with some memorable phrases from my past shows. What sticks in your head? “This is not a lecture, its a conversation” or “We are a pimple on Mother Natures Ass”. I talk a little about Twitter. Obama thinks Edwards is cute, one of the many times the press lets the Dems slide on these comments. I ask if you voted today, who would you vote for – has a list, but for some reason they leave off the third party and independent candidates. Plus I read some listener email on copyrights and talk about how content and container should be split. I still have a lot of email to go through, so I think maybe tomorrow I’ll do a PART 2.

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Nothing like your computer dying to put you in a bad mood – I wake up this morning and my home computer refuses to boot. I sense a long, drawn out debugging session with Bill’s spawn. Sigh. Why it is that every time I walk into a fast food place around here I feel like I’m walking into Mexico. And I go into the rare element Assholeium, which many people who seem to be ahead of me in lines are full of. Oh yes, it can also be found in drivers, customers, and very successful people.

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Thats it. Even the New York Times says the hype has gotten too hot on global warming, so to do my part, I’m not talking about it for the rest of the month – and if I do, you can slap my wrist and let me know, and you get $1 – thats the March Contest. Listening to the radio gets me to a Desperate Housewives radio station, which leads me to ranting on that cult – The Times has a nice deep expose on the way Hillary is connecting with this cult, and how she is repackaging herself for 2008. Bush hits Mexico and talks to the new head dude. Does he say – “Listen buddy, you should make things better in your country so that your people will want to stay here, instead of illegally flood across OUR borders.” but somehow, I doubt it. And finally, you can see how cult leaders operate when a couple of Canadian filmmakers reveal that Michael Moore is a liar and propagandist, but they still love him. Turns out he intentionally left the truth out of Roger & Me, and created a whole genre of “documentary as lie”, which leads us to suspect pretty much anything labeled “documentary”, such as “Super Size Me” and that film produced by that failed ex-vice president whose name I can’t mention on the show.

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