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Monthly Archives: April 2007

The chill continues. A professor is fired because he is caught discussing the VA Tech shootings with his students. Cheryl Crow decides to save the world by using less toilet paper. Get Al Gore on the blower, now! Sharpton decides not to just “give” the black vote to Obama. Hillary discusses whats under the rug. The Secret is out. And good drivers realize that they are NOT alone.

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Lots a digressing and jumping around today. The Internet is awesome. Wheres is my Internet Buddy? Why is tech stuff only 80% there? I get Burning Crusade for my birthday. Going to bum rush Wikipedia next month, even though its a great source for info – who knew the Greco-Persian wars were the foundation of democracy? What the hell is up with McCain – is he trying to shoot himself in the foot? And please, NO MORE HULK. Aren’t there all sorts of other Marvel characters that deserve film? Like Guardians of the Galaxy?

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The Authoritarians didn’t even give us time to mourn or breathe. Time to ban: Guns, Being Korean, Being Muslim, Being An Immigrant, Being Bullied, Being Called Names, Being Laughed At, Movies & Video Games. Lets blame everyone and everything BUT the shooter! What kind of world are we living in when we don’t lay the blame where it should be laid – the killer. Plus, I explain why this is a little like 9-11. And oh ya, no cake for me today.

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Why is it so strange to think of arming the students? Absolutely no one picked that as the best answer for my question on Yahoo! Answers, I wonder why. Basically, it all comes down to – who’s got your back and the answer really is no one – no one but yourself – all the way from Hurricane Katrina relief to stopping a gunman, you are responsible for your self. Maybe your friends and family can help, but don’t expect the “authorities” to get there in time. How many more people died due to the actions of the staff? People wonder why American Idol contestants go as far as they do – its simple people – all this “reality” stuff is FIXED. You think they listen to your votes? Ha. People are booted off based on the producers whims – what would make a good “story”. This is not reality. Speaking of reality, why does anyone need to bother meeting people face to face any more. Let just meet in Second Life and forgo the cavity searches at the airport.

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Comments on the Virginia Tech shootings. My heart goes out to the families affected by this tragedy. One wonders how much less bloodshed would there be if the security at the school were armed, or if the students were armed. Maybe there would be one or two dead. What would you have done to stop him? Don’t start condemning immigrants, Koreans, men, gun owners for the crimes of one beast who discarded his humanity the moment he shot his first victim. He was clear about one thing in this notes though – “‘You Caused Me to Do This”. Where is this culture of irresponsibility coming from? Rush Limbaugh says that theres an 80% chance Hillary will win the next election. Where were you on this issue back in June of 2005 when I first predicted it?

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I finally get to see 300 – what an awesome movie – definitely DVD worthy. especially like hearing things like, do what a free man would do, fight for REASON, fight against mysticism and tyranny. All good stuff you never hear in any other popular films out there. When was the last time you head anyone say that in any medium? Maybe bloggers and podcasters. But never in the major media. Or in most Hollywood productions. Obama must feel that he is Jesus now, what with the Sun Shining On Him. Just watch Box 2 on your W2 grow and grow and grow when these authoritarians get into office. Sometimes I think Obama would be worse than Hillary. And I would not be surprised if the real reason Imus was fired had nothing to do with the public reason. I bet CBS just used this as an excuse to get rid of him.

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Do you feel the chill in the air? Every podcaster, bloggers, broadcaster – anyone who makes their living talking, writing, speaking their mind – should be standing up for Don Imus – whether you agree or disagree with him – he has the right to speak. This is a win for the Authoritarians. The question is – who will they go after next?

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Researchers figure out a way to create sperm cells without men. Desperate Housewives and feminists everywhere rejoice. They start thinking about how wonderful life would be without men running things – they tend to forget that nastiness, evil and hatred exists in both men and women.

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BTW: “Nappy Headed Ho’s

You asked for it: My personal blog, for stuff not fit to podcast

The whole Imus issue tells me that there are authoritarians on both sides and we need to be vigilant against them. I do my taxes and realize that I should be both thankful and pissed off at the same time – thankful because if I still lived in Canada it would be double what I’m paying now, and if I lived in the UK it would be 2.5 times what I’m paying now, but pissed off that its not half or a third of what it is. Sigh. Death and Taxes? No, just death is inevitable, people.

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Easter makes me think about religion, so I recount my wonderful time indoctrinated into the Greek Orthodox church. Edwards loves the little people – especially his “rabid republican” neighbors – lets drive them off the land, the little people. Nice, eh? And we get the story behind the British sailors – who cares if they want to sell their story? Oh yeah don’t forget to sign the FIRE ROSIE petition.

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The sailors are back, in high Iranian style, along with their Easter present goodybags – what is in those bags? Chocolate bunnies? Mitt takes the lead on the govt is overspending message. Strikes a chord with many many people I should think. And Richards snorts his Dads ashes? i wouldn’t put it past him.

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