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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Don’t you hate people who take forever to leave their parking spot in a totally full parking lot? Why are airfares so variable from day-to-day moment to moment? If there ever was an industry that needed shaking up in the pricing dept its the airline industry. Why do people have a problem with the Miss Universe pageant? No one is associated with this thing against their will. No one is being forced to attend or to watch. While I think Ron Paul is the most libertarian candidate, I doubt his chances. He unfortunately does not have the presidential hair, or enough money to be a front runner. Pretty sad when its money and charisma that elects and not ideology. And did you spend some time remembering yesterday? I hope so. People have died in order for us to maintain what liberty we have, we should remember them.

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Pause to Remember at 3pm today, wherever you are.

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A huge show today, almost a hour and a half of audio goodness. 800 days ago, I started this little thing. Who knew I’d be near half a million downloads today? Talk about dieting, Hillary decides to let people decide on her theme song – what about Evil Woman? I love ELO. Ratings for American Idol are down. I hope this means that people will stop watching these stupid reality shows. A little on augments again – this time both physical and electronic. I discuss why we fight these animals in the war on terror. Anyone who can do this (warning:mature and disgusting content) to another human is not human. I love stupid people – great fodder for my show. And a bunch of awesome tracks from the Podsafe Music Network

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Maybe I should change the name of my show ot the Old Fart Complaint Hour. Someone on says that their complaint is that Al Gore is not running for President cause he has an awesomely messy desk AND he would kick ass as president. Please God No. Al Gore would be horrible as president – just check out his views on free speech. He gets in – our blogging and podcasting days are numbered. I talk about another libertarian podcast who’s host thinks that once the old fogeys leave office, then the new generation will be more libertarian – I don’t think so. There are just as many younger radical liberals and conservatives as there are older ones, and some are even more radical. Personally, I think that underneath it all, we are all libertarians, we just don’t know it yet. Bush says, sure, we’ll leave Iraq, all they have to do is ask us to leave. Yeah, right.

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Some Democrats think that the War On Terror is a bumper sticker slogan or a figment of imagination – luckily none of them are front runners. We get evidence that Iran and Syria are behind a lot of the violence in Iraq – when are we going to do something about the disease and not the symptoms? I have a new favorite Rep, John Boehner, who calls the Immigration Bill “a piece of sh*t”. Plus I talk about some new sites I discovered on Truemors, Newspoo, MyBiggestComplaint , Helium and TokyoMango.

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I watch Shrek The Third – what a crapfest. Plus the moral of the story is: If you don’t feel like taking on responsibilities, find someone else who can. I go on a shamanic journey with my trusty mastodon guide, and take about fur coats. I know: Sacrilege! The immigration bill depresses me greatly – Sicko spreads its lies about socialized medicine in France, and Carter slams Bush, and Bush slams Carter, he of the Peanut Farm, Billy Beer and fuel rationing.

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I hate those f-ing non bank ATM machines – they are such a rip-off. When did banks decide that they needed to charge us in order to handle our money – which they make their money off of, right? I tell a negative option story – what a nasty practice – Michael Moore decides that the Canadian Health Care system is the best in the world – I personally know many Canadians who say it sucks and I have personal experience to that effect as well. And our lawmakers are not only feverishly working to give big rewards to our lawbreaking immigrants, they are also going to give visas to their friends and families. So much for us legal immigrants.

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Will Oprah elect our next President? I tell you – use your brain and understand who you are voting for before you vote – don’t just vote cause a celebrity you like endorses someone. Think for yourself! Looks like no one is even happy with the new batch of bums that we put in – Nancy Pelosi shoots for free college education for criminals, Paris Hilton goes to jail, Arnold wants to give us free health care in California, I might have ADD, and much, much more.

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We herald the return of Billary, is there a better example that Hillary’s campaign is on the ropes than Bill coming back into it? Have you seen the video?? God, I couldn’t stand more than a few minutes of that voice. Who is Oprah going to throw her support to – the woman or the minority? If shes smart – neither. No, gas is not at 4 bucks in San Francisco, its a protest, dummy. And I have a very bad morning drive in. Warning: lots for screaming and swearing today.

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A little on the PC vs Mac debate, since I’m still struggling to do my show (and work) on a MacBook. It was the stupidity of the terrorists that saved us this time – either we better hope that they stay stupid or we get a little smarter, more observant and less politically correct. Obama admits he makes mistakes – hope he doesnt make them once he can decide on American lives. Local governments decide to ban capitalism – sorry Mr. Entrepreneur, you can’t give discounts to your customers. And watch out Disney lawers, here comes Hamas Mickey.

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