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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Good news! Reports from Iraq indicate that things are going well! You’d think it was cause for every American to celebrate! We’ve turned the corner! We are doing better! There is an end in sight! Oh, wait. Seems the Democrats are unhappy that things are going well in Iraq. Seems that progress in Iraq “would be a problem for them”. And they wonder why people call them anti-American. I re-launch the HEARfuture Podcast – featuring music from show 400 plus a bonus track. Next week you’ll get a brand new show, I promise. Plus some other miscellaneous stuff, like more memorable phrases from the show.

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I love the Simpsons Movie. I love the undercurrent of libertarian content – I will be seeing the movie again to try and glean more libertarian references. Your govt knows whats good for you. Your govt needs to destroy you in order to help you. I love seeing this happening – but is it too little too late? 71% of people, across all gender, racial and political boundaries WANT surveillance cameras to review every possible act. What happens when the govt changes its mind about whats legal/illegal, and now can watch you do it? What happens when the gaping maw of govt needs more and more money to fund itself and more social programs, and starts to send you tickets for things that previously you used to get away with. And citizen journalists and user generated content needs a champion to drive people from the head to the tail, as the tail rocks. Check out the GrooveElectric podcast. So much better than anything I have ever listened to commercially in this genre.  Podcasts rock – and sometimes we forget how good this stuff is.

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I have a great discussion with my lesbian Muslim co-worker on Islam and her interpretation on how it works – no wonder there is resistance to reform – its designed to never change – coupled with there begin no real hierarchy as there is in other religions, its doubly important that Muslims individually renounce violence and bring on a kinder, gentler Islam. The Born Again’s put on a daycare/conversion session at my kids school and tell everyone its secular in order to suck them in – but it backfires and the kids become less interested in Christianity. And I’ll be seeing the Simpsons Movie today – follow me on Twitter right now to get my 140 character movie review after the show. Love how Matt Groening inserts political commentary into the show.

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Continuing my embargo on Presidential candidate chatter. A new line of action figures show biblical figures in action – what kind of actions would Jesus be undertaking? What weapons would Jesus brandish in smiting evildoers? Speaking of religion, now the Church of Jobs requires a tithe. Pass the collection plate people. Plus other stuff I don’t remember talking about, but I’m sure it was really interesting.

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Thats it. I am officially not talking politics anymore – I’m putting an embargo on talking about any of the presidential candidates – if you catch me let me know when and which show and I will PayPal you $1.  Instead, I go on at length about longevity, responsibility, and empassioned pleas for others to help one live longer – without actually taking on any of that responsibility ourselves.

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I give up. Its seems that story after story indicates that want Americans most want is not for the government to leave them alone to do their business and live their lives, but are willing to give up a little bit of their prosperity for the cradle to grave coverage that old Europe provides their citizens. Sounds like we are perfectly willing to take the Prozac and chop off our lows at the expense of our highs. Little do people realize that that little bit gets bigger and bigger. I don’t know what to do – maybe if I start regaling people with stories of how life could be in a more libertarian world, maybe people would be more receptive. The socialist paradise these liberals paint is pretty enticing. How do you compete with that? So maybe I’ll take break from politics and start into – what the world could be like. The libertarian vision, so to speak.

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In a single article, Obama should have completely shot down his chances for the presidency. I bet the media wash this away like all the other negative press. EVEN DRUDGE – this article disappeared COMPLETELY from this home page and I had trouble finding it again. I have saved the article and will repost if the media take it down. His total unfitness for President must be exposed. Voting this man into office would be worse that stupid, it would be dangerous. And HillaryHub posts back

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Edwards envies Al Gores stellar theatrics and launches his poverty tour – does anyone else see the irony in spending millions to feature poverty? Rudy is apparently chronically late – is you ask me this is worse than any position on any issue – its telling of respect for others. How do we get away from our lazy ass culture – which is IMHO the reason for everything from obesity to the insidious socialist infection.

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While Al Qaeda is winning in our living rooms, they are actually losing in reality. Why don’t we see any of these wins in the mainstream media? Politics, as usual, gets in the way of truth. Things are actually going well in Iraq, but you wouldn’t see that reported on CNN, with thier 6 to 1 bad news to good news about the war ratio. With all the talk about illegal immigration, why does no one say anything about helping out legal immigrants? Apparently, immigrants at Angel Island were held up to a year before allowed into the country. Thats nothing compared to the years and years legal immigrants to the US have had to wait to be reunited with their families. And this story almost made me change my prediction of a Hillary win. Oprah chooses The Savior.

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Sometimes the news depresses me greatly. Hearing about how al Qaeda murderers slaughter children just makes me ill, but its a story which needs to be told – this is why we fight. Old media – specifically newspapers – complain about how the young don’t read them – why should they? Most of the fighters in Iraq are actually from our supposed allies – A nutjob brit decides to swim at the North Pole in order to further publicize the global warming myth – what wasn’t the collective yawn around Live Earth good enough for ya? Will we see a Clibama or Hilarack ticket? Probably. Muslim congressman compares Bush to Hilter – saying 9/11 was staged. I can’t believe that they would kill 3,000 of their own civilians and pin the blame on Arab terrorists. Also the government is not that smart – all of these conspiracy theories postulate a much much smarter government. I don’t think we have one of those.

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