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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Car Wars contest ends today so vote vote vote and win the $50. Two awesome discoveries today: I discover the perfect shave and its a lot like finishing furniture. Secrets REVEALED on todays show. Also, on the way to me audibly blasting other drivers in real time, at least I can blast them with my voice – one of my astute listeners points me to Horntones. This looks cool. Maybe I’ll talk to this guy about doing a microphone interface for real time cursing. Fund raising for the presidential campaign goes under scrutiny, with the Dems going abroad for funds and accepting millions from fraudsters and criminals. Wonder why no GOP candidates have been outed thusly? I’m surprised, actually.

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So much good stuff today: Leona Helmsley leaves $12M to her dog, but leaves two of her grandchildren penniless. What is it about these people who hold drudges against their family – I guess blood is not thicker than water for some. What, does the GOP contact tyrants and asks them to endorse the Democrats? First it was Osama endorsing Kerry and now its Castro endorsing a Clinton-Obama ticket and saying they should win. Of course there are plenty of Americans who love Fidel, so I guess its a moot point since they would vote Hillary-Obama anyways. A co-founder of Greenpeace slams Leonardo DiCaprio’s 11th hour as being full of scare tactics. Finally some sense from the wacko environmentalists. I believe Greenpeace over these actor/activists any day. Outrage builds over the jail sentence for the poor guy who tried to do some home improvements on his own property. Since 90% of the time governments do horrible jobs of things, when are we goign to stop giving them things to do and just do it ourselves. And do it right.

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Its not often a article comes along which perfectly illustrates the idiocy and fickleness of government, but it is. This poor guy was under the impression that he could do whatever he wanted on his own piece of property. What a fiction. Sarkozy ses he might want to attack Iran someday, thats cool as I thought he was just another socialist wuss. The virtual workspace is upon us, but where is the government going to get the funds from taxes on gas, parking tickets, speeding tickets and business property tax once everyone works from home? Here comes the high-speed internet tax. Gordon Ramsey is more of an American than a Brit, cause one of the essences of being American is not taking BS from anyone. When we see injustices, we speak up. And thats how it should be.

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Why do all these politicians want America to be weaker and less prosperous? I’d want my country to be stronger and more prosperous, but I  guess I’m just a lone voice in the wilderness. We need to bust up this lock the GOP and the Dems have on the system. There are no checks and balances on the existing cabal in power. You can’t have the government giving you everything and expect your taxes to go lower. What ever happened to personal responsibility? If you get fat from eating donuts and get heart disease, no one should pay for your treatments but yourself – YOU got yourself into that situation, YOU should pay for getting out of it. I am not your keeper, and I shouldn’t be. I rate the summer movies I’ve seen, and so much more.

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Imus gets into a bidding war, which is now in excess of $20M, not a bad settlement for calling someone a nappy headed ho. Neither the GOP nor the Dems understand that the new way of life for everyone is openness and inclusiveness. For them, its all about control, style over substance. Its not reality. Theres deep unhappiness on both sides of the spectrum. Do you really think that life will get better once Hillary is back in the White House? States keep jostling to move up their primaries – why does everyone pretty much count out Bush as of today?

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Obamas wife accuses Hillary of not being a good mom – like that is going to make a difference as President. There are two types of people, those who are interested in moving humanity forward and those looking to tear us down. I outline more of the curriculum for Future University. Someone actually created a carpool dummy – I thought those were urban legends and so much more.

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I little travelogue of my weekend in LA & San Diego, where I get stuck in horrific traffic, pay ridiculous amounts for admissions and food, spend 5 minutes with a killer whale, and marvel at the irony of massively profitable beer companies saying that the proceeds of the show actually goes to conservation. Shamu! Shamu!

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Did the California Recall election start the circus in politics – nah, its always been like that. True to the Future Hall Of Predictions, states are jostling to make their primaries earlier and earlier. Soon the 2008 circus will be held in 2007. Maybe we should move Hillary’s Coronation up to January 2008 as well? If you vote based on what a celebrity votes for, then IMHO, don’t bother voting. According to Matt Damon, Hollywood is putting out better movies because they are all now Message Movies (where the message is pro-liberal, that is). Tucson decides to keep kids in school via bribery – whatever happened to pride. I’m all for dropping out – for the right reasons that is. Just wait for HillaryCare, that giant sucking sound you hear is the money draining out of your wallet to pay for this.

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Getting my citizenship interview letter from the USCIS makes me happy, and in turn reminds me to brush up on my civics. One thing the government does well is get future citizens pumped about being American. its great to be reminded of the original greatness of this country and how it IS possible to get back there. Its too bad the current crop of presidential candidates seem to want to take us further from the original vision as opposed to closer to it. Barry Bonds breaks records – he should stand up and say – you know what – steroids are here to stay, and anyone who wants to use them should. Here is my two sides of the upcoming party conventions. Can you tell the difference? When you have two equally poor choices, what do you do? Like the USCIS website states – the most important reason to become an American citizen is to vote. But who for??

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Why do Chinese Traffic Cops have a life expectancy of 43? Cause China is a gross polluter, that why. Why don’t these tree hugging environmental activists go after China? For the same reason radical feminists don’t go after fundamental Islam, they are both afraid to get wacked. Pick on the guy who won’t fight back, isn’t that the earmark of a bully? Grocery stores give out free drugs – not the Govt. The new Leonardo DiCaprio epic – the 11th hour – is full of people who hate humanity and don’t see what positive influence we have had on the planet. Also, isn’t it true that in every generation you’ve had the wackos holding “The End Is Near” signs in the marketplace? And every time the end they predicted came and went, did anyone laugh derisively at the lunatics? Now the lunatics have big budgets instead of signs. That doesn’t make them less of a lunatic. The great political minds of Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise come together to make a doozy of a propaganda film. Didn’t we used to make movies to uplift our spirits in wartime, and not complain about foreign policy?

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