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Monthly Archives: September 2007

I read about the Burma situation and I see a pattern – people all over the world are imploring President Bush and/or the US to come save them. People in Burma, Darfur, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela are all saying – “didn’t you say: it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. , Mr. Bush? Why don’t you come help us fight our tyranny?” IMHO, we are just not geared to fight the type of mini-war we need to in the 21st century. The US military is this huge behemoth which can only do stuff huge behemoths can do – wage big war on countries. We need to learn to wage little war on little tyrannies – both formal ones like the countries above, and informal ones like al Qaeda. I discuss how our military should be more like Unix instead of Windows, and bore you with my armchair military strategy. The Hillary camp now threatens a second magazine with no access to Bill if they run an article on Hillary. I bet the article is pretty even handed, but still they squash it. I guess freedom of the press will be the first to go under The Hillary. Since its Friday, I do a wrap-up of this years crop of shows that I’m watching, Heroes, of course rocks, Journeyman looks promising, Bionic Woman is LAME, Big Bang Theory has a little promise, Back To You got better in the second show. Eureka of course still rocks.

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Damn – I pass the test but aren’t sworn in so I’m still officially Canadian – which just means that I have to wait until the next ceremony. I tell you all about my experience at the USCIS, which were not as bad as I thought they’d be – once I get past the security the officer is very nice. I only get one question  wrong.  The English test was reading and writing ONE sentence. Cameras everywhere – Chicago decides to forgo putting more cops on the street and instead create a huge network of very expensive and obvious cameras, and then spend a ton of cash on software which watches the city and figures out if there is any suspicious behavior, then alerts people. I’d feel safer with more humans preventing crime than an all encompassing big brother deciding whats a crime. Clinton-Gore together again, this time on global warming. I guess it doesnt matter who you vote for next time – our tax dollars WILL go to both socialized medicine and global warming whether its President Clinton or President Guiliani.

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Fingers crossed, this is my last show as a Canadian, and tomorrow’s show will be my first show as an American. I’m taking the citizenship test today and wax poetic about Canada and the US. How Canadians are taught from an early age that Americans are boorish, arrogant people, who we have to watch out for, as the elephant of American culture can at any point roll right over Canada. None of this is of course true, Americans are great people, America is a great country – we just need to take it back to its roots. How in America, you can both succeed and fail spectacularly, how in America, you are encouraged to speak up against injustice. How the politicians of today wish to silence us, turn us into grumbling complainers (aka Canadians) who never speak up. Will we be as free, under Hill-a-ry?

Plus an added bonus, I tacked on the Questions and Answers that I was studying and will be quizzed on. Try them yourself – see how much you know about the US.

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The dude from Iran – you know I think I will never be able to pronounce his name – finally speaks and boy it goes over like a lead balloon. His jokes are lost in translation. He proudly declares that “Iran’s not gay, no no way” – maybe its because he killed the last remaining gay Iranians. As with radical feminists, why does the gay lobby side with these guys against Bush? The Iranians are itching for something to happen so that the government will topple. They may even be hoping that the US invades, just to get things moving. I doubt if Bush wil invade Iran in an election year.  Speaking of Bush, the evidence continues to pile up that these guys are all in this together, as he starts to advise the next commander-in-chief, Hillary Clinton, on how it might not ba a good idea to just flee Iraq, WHEN she gets into power (not IF). Its not even as entertaining as the WWE.

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I rant incessantly about a crappy school system which lets bullies off the hook and turns all students into snitches and cops. We are creating a culture of “its not my problem its someone elses” My son gets into trouble for pushing back against a bully. Apparently people aren’t allowed to defend themselves anymore, but run to the authorities when the slightest thing happens. Perfect little citizens, always deferring to the authorities. Lets not teach kids personal responsibility and self-control. The President of Iran shows up in New York – if he is so bad, why did we let the guy into the country? If the guy is so bad, why can’t we just take him out on our soil? Just like the Dem/GOP war, these politicians are just like the WWE, all show in front of the cameras and a backslapping cabal in the back rooms. Bush comes out and says Hillary will win the Democrat nomination, but “our guy will win the election”. Talk about damning with fake praise. What a weak ass statement. Why not just say Hillary wins and be done with it. A company comes out with a service which serves ads based on listening to your internet calls. If you think this is bad, but think cameras everywhere are OK, WTF is wrong is you?

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Lesbians everywhere rejoice! Hillary reports being 100% heterosexual. Bill says he’d likely slit his throat as First Lady, many can only hope. We get a great example of the depths of human depravity, with a yob pissing on a dying woman. Why do we still tolerate and support yob culture, whether its here or in the UK? New studies on climate change say that the rainforests will now THRIVE on the changes. No sooner does one report come out that another report rebuts it. All I can say is Masa’llah! Mexicans swarms over the Canadian border and are welcomed with open arms in Canada – good luck with that – Canadians do a slow burn but never complain. I take the oath of citizenship in a little while and theres this discussion on how you don’t need to really say the parts you don’t mean. What happened to the days when words meant something – when you say you are going to do something – when you commit – you should follow through and do it. We need to get back to dignity, chivarly, mannerly – we need to get back to being gentlemen and ladies. Is the end of the show in sight? Should I stop at show 500?

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Al Qaeda wacks Musharraf and tells Pakistanis to rebel. This from the same folks saying to cant display cucumbers near tomatoes. Apparently Masa’llah! is WTF in Arabic – thanks to my Muslim co-worker. I download and install Xobni – a very cool inbox manipulator for Outlook. Al Gore the climatologist. I describe a new video game called Land Of Liberty which someone should develop where all the bosses are authoritarian politicians who try to take over the planet. The Iranian President At Ground Zero? Masa’llah!

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Which is it Hillary? Do you have to have health care to get a job or does a job get you health care credits? The Reverend Jackson accuses Obama of being “white” – well thanks Jesse for reminding of of Obamas mixed heritage. Taxes are going up, governments are becoming impotent. The future looks bright though, since people are finally realizing that the government is not doing anything for us anymore and are taking matters into their own hands. In the next 10-15 years, innovative companies and individuals, not governments, will solve a lot of the issues in front of us today. How different is King George III from President Bush II? Not a whole heck of a lot. Freedoms are less and taxes are higher than they were back then – we should wish for the days when taxes were as low (a whopping 3%) as the act which spawned the Boston Tea Party.

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At a Kerry rally in Florida, a kid get tasered by cops for overdoing it – you don’t know whether to feel sorry for the kids cause the cops overdid it, or to applaud the cops for getting this lunatic blowhard off the stage. OJ is arrested for armed robbery – so? Hillary unveils her healthcare plan and its not socialized medicine – at least not yet. We will be forced to buy health insurance. Kinda like John Edwards wants to force doctors visits. Geezus, how far has government fallen? Whatever happened to that beacon of democracy founded on July 4, 1776? ALCU launches the surveillance clock, watch your privacy disappear. Guiliani is late again, as much much more…

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Broadcasting live from beautiful downtown Toronto, Canada. I wax poetic on many things Canadian: The Maple Leafs, who have been on a 41 year losing streak but just might get to the Stanley Cup this year (who is that gullible?), higher taxes on everything from gas (about 4 bucks a gallon) to groceries ($30 for a few bags of chips), a not-so-wonderful socialized medical system, putting up signs on a highway instead of fixing it, Tim Horton’s donuts, Swiss Chalet chicken, authentic Greek gyro, Licks Guk garlic mayonnaise, and the curriculum at the Future School.

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