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Monthly Archives: October 2007

We experience an earthquake here in the Bay Area, about an hour into the Democrat debate. Luckily, no one was hurt, except The Saviour’s and the Breck Girl’s chances of winning the nomination. Everyone piles on Hillary and she comes out smelling of roses. So much for any real competition – they whack here and she whacks Bush. News flash – you ain’t running against Bush. Maybe the whole amorphousness on the GOP side is a good thing for them – who does Hillary have to attack? No one yet. Then again, she could try to not be the anti candidate, but I guess politics is no longer for people with vision who can lead, its just “at least we are better than the other guys”. Turns out that the big fires that caused so much damage and killed people in SoCal were caused by a kid playing with matches. I say, charge the kid and his parents for all the damage they’ve done. Throw the book at them. And its the parents decision if they want to let thier kids dress in slutty Halloween costumes. Minors don’t get to make the rules or decisions.

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Theres zip in the news today. Obama’s campaign is flickering out, doesn’t matter whos on the other side cause its just a anti-Hillary vote, why do we mollycoddle Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria etc when a lot of the resources fighting against our troops in Iraq are from these countries. Markets are like a river, and the governments dam them up until they are a trickle and we call that a market? And why do we still teach our kids to write in cursive? I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything like that. Why don’t we redirect all the funds wasted on educational supplies and just give each a kid a laptop and get them to do their homework on that and online?

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The California fires expose a migrant problem – I say, lets get Steve Jobs to tackle the immigration issue. Think of the millions of people he turned into law abiding citizens when he launched iTunes? All those people used to download music for free and break the law doing it – you could argue that he was at the forefront of the biggest conversion of criminals to law abiders in history. A evolutionary theorist says we are going to split into two species, ala The Time Machine – why do these people persist in the thinking that there will always be a have/have-not structure in this world. A rising tide raises all boats, even the Morlocks. I rant about how government blocks innovation, especially in the automotive space. The problem is not the lack of innovation – its all the crap government forces you to have on a car before its allowed to hit the road. And finally, the most popular scary political costume is, you guessed it, The Woman Who Would Be Queen. I wonder if there is any correlation between the most purchased costume and the actual winner. In this case I hope its an inverse equation.

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Since my prediction of a Hillary win back in 2005 seems a total foregone conclusion, I guess I don’t really need to talk about her anymore. Although other than the fact that I’m pretty sure that I don’t want a well oiled machine running the country. I’d much rather have an individual building consensus and making decisions like the founders did, as opposed to the Clinton machine. Remember, when you vote for Hillary, you are voting for the whole Clinton Machine, kinda like getting married to a Big Fat Greek Family, just not as warm and loving. While I’d love to see a real competitor to this cabal of GOP and Dem, the system has been rigged to keep things as they are – so we must work within the system. Target freedom loving Democrats and fiscally conservative Republicans, and vote for them. Maybe they’ll get together in the other side and finally be smarter about reducing the size and scope of government.

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The Democrats must be really confident about winning the next election, when they propose the largest tax increase in history, a full year before they win the next election. I mean, sure it sounds good – tax the rich and all – but what happens when theres not as much income as expected – watch that number come down. Like any tax, its like Hotel California, you can never leave. CNN (or LNN, as I like to call them) uses the California fires as fodder for their Planet In Peril series. Not every disaster is linked to global warming, idiots, and leading people to believe that, is really stupid. A casino refuses to pay out a jackpot and says that the machine malfunctioned – your machine screwed up – you’re still liable. Are we moving to a “Old Europe” style of crappy customer service across the board? Men crying elicit more of a response than women – Bill can cry but Hillary can’t, does that mean she can’t “feel our pain”?

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Are the wildfires an example of global warming, or is our fight against the wildfires a perfect example of how we really are a pimple on mother natures ass? Bush turns out to be the biggest spender, big surprise. Of course its for the various wars, however don’t expect the spending to stop once Hillary is in office. The taps will still be open, it will just be redirected into social programs, as opposed to keeping us safe from terrorism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there is so much ineffective spending  being done right now, but I guess when the terrorist attack New York, DC and LA, at least the cost of health care for the casualties will be covered. Too bad she couldn’t avert the attack in the first place. A little run-in with my cellphone vendor leads to a discussion of how many markets out there are “broken” – just try getting a event ticket, a plane ticket, or a new cellphone without getting ripping off or subject to bizarre pricing rules. Why doesn’t the government step in there and make those markets accountable?

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I want to see this movie. I love the directors take on government, being like a car alarm intruding into our souls. When I look around, I see the wonderful evidence of everything that humanity has created. But at the same time, i see the overlay of government rules and regulations that run our life. Why can’t i just build any house I want wherever I want. Why does the government have any say over the design of the house I want to build, as long as its safe – why does it matter what the house looks like? The GOP is hoping for Hillary, and it looks like she has a commanding lead everywhere but in Iowa. Although, people say the GOP needs to have more than just anti-Hillary sentiment to win, I think an anti-Bush sentiment did a good job in swinging Congress back to the Democrat side. And I’m sick ans tired of the male bashing. Competence has NOTHING to do with sex and gender, folks. Get that through your thick skulls, soccer moms.

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I encounter a crappy driver who doesn’t understand the boundaries of their automobile. When you get trained on how to drive on a 1976 Buick LeSabre, you get to be extra safe. Another GOP debate here and gone. Whats the common thread? Even the Early Show anchors say “Will this be the anti-Hillary vote?” I say yes, and have said yes for a while. Sadly, only 50% of people woudl never vote for her – we really need to get that higher. Otherwise…ekkkk!. starts taking off – have you fought any tyrants today? – submit you personal tyrant stories now – thinkfuture at – and a great article from TCSDaily – if saner heads prevailed at the Nobel Peace Prize committee, then we’d see who REALLY contributes to world peace lauded, and not these idiots.

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Over 100 die in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. What kind of human looks at crowds of celebrating people and all they see is targets? Less than human, that is. I describe how there should be more criteria to being human other than looking like one and talking like one. Some people feel that life is a zero sum game, where the only way that I can win, is that if you lose. I bet they’ve never heard of the snowdrift game. I vent at Apple for a bit for using podcasts to feather their own nest and draw people to iTunes, but doing practically nothing to promote us to their broad audience. And a pollster comes out and says that 25% of Republican women will vote for Hillary simply because they want to see a woman in the White House. This pollster must think 25% of Republican women are also idiots. I see no Republicans, or Libertarians for that matter, ever voting for “Hitler In A Pant Suit”

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I guess today is slow/bad driver day cause thats all I seem to be getting. I rant on about how useless the school system is – why do the at-risk kids in the inner city schools get excellent entrepreneurship programs like but we get math and english and other crap which we will never need outside of school? While our kids in the regular schools are taught crap we don’t need, like spelling, math and languages, these kids are way ahead of our kids on the business front. They are the ones who you see on Oprah – millionaires at 20 – while our kids waste their time on crap.  Guiliani fights back – rips Hillary, rips The Saviour. I guess he’s free to wack them cause he knows that the vote this time will really just be about pro or anti-Hillary vote.  Why is John Edwards even still in the race? Too bad my pick, Ron Paul, has got very little chance of winning. Who knows though? We can always dream.

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