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Over 100 die in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. What kind of human looks at crowds of celebrating people and all they see is targets? Less than human, that is. I describe how there should be more criteria to being human other than looking like one and talking like one. Some people feel that life is a zero sum game, where the only way that I can win, is that if you lose. I bet they’ve never heard of the snowdrift game. I vent at Apple for a bit for using podcasts to feather their own nest and draw people to iTunes, but doing practically nothing to promote us to their broad audience. And a pollster comes out and says that 25% of Republican women will vote for Hillary simply because they want to see a woman in the White House. This pollster must think 25% of Republican women are also idiots. I see no Republicans, or Libertarians for that matter, ever voting for “Hitler In A Pant Suit”

Listen to Show #470


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