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I encounter a crappy driver who doesn’t understand the boundaries of their automobile. When you get trained on how to drive on a 1976 Buick LeSabre, you get to be extra safe. Another GOP debate here and gone. Whats the common thread? Even the Early Show anchors say “Will this be the anti-Hillary vote?” I say yes, and have said yes for a while. Sadly, only 50% of people woudl never vote for her – we really need to get that higher. Otherwise…ekkkk!. starts taking off – have you fought any tyrants today? – submit you personal tyrant stories now – thinkfuture at – and a great article from TCSDaily – if saner heads prevailed at the Nobel Peace Prize committee, then we’d see who REALLY contributes to world peace lauded, and not these idiots.

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  1. More whiney than blistering, you come off like a poor man’s Michael Savage, without a coherent and continuous chain of thought to keep it together. I recommend listening to your own shows and editing them so it doesn’t sound so… desperate. Calm down. It’s almost passable when you relax, but the effort of being dramatic and “in your face” is apparent and made the show hard to listen to. Still, all the best. I may listen again sometime, but it’s got to improve to make it worth my while.

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