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I want to see this movie. I love the directors take on government, being like a car alarm intruding into our souls. When I look around, I see the wonderful evidence of everything that humanity has created. But at the same time, i see the overlay of government rules and regulations that run our life. Why can’t i just build any house I want wherever I want. Why does the government have any say over the design of the house I want to build, as long as its safe – why does it matter what the house looks like? The GOP is hoping for Hillary, and it looks like she has a commanding lead everywhere but in Iowa. Although, people say the GOP needs to have more than just anti-Hillary sentiment to win, I think an anti-Bush sentiment did a good job in swinging Congress back to the Democrat side. And I’m sick ans tired of the male bashing. Competence has NOTHING to do with sex and gender, folks. Get that through your thick skulls, soccer moms.

Listen To Show #472


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