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Are the wildfires an example of global warming, or is our fight against the wildfires a perfect example of how we really are a pimple on mother natures ass? Bush turns out to be the biggest spender, big surprise. Of course its for the various wars, however don’t expect the spending to stop once Hillary is in office. The taps will still be open, it will just be redirected into social programs, as opposed to keeping us safe from terrorism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there is so much ineffective spending  being done right now, but I guess when the terrorist attack New York, DC and LA, at least the cost of health care for the casualties will be covered. Too bad she couldn’t avert the attack in the first place. A little run-in with my cellphone vendor leads to a discussion of how many markets out there are “broken” – just try getting a event ticket, a plane ticket, or a new cellphone without getting ripping off or subject to bizarre pricing rules. Why doesn’t the government step in there and make those markets accountable?

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  1. Better. You kept it together through this one. Maybe the last show I listened to was just an off day. Still, you have to be careful that your rants don’t sound contrived or amped up beyond normal. When you keep it even keel you are far more listenable. You can express outrage in far better ways than high pitching some explatives, which you seem to think makes you more interesting, …and maybe it does to the sort of crowd that thinks hearing someone bitch with explatives is great entertainment. But it seems to me like you might be smarter than that, and maybe even better than that. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to explatives. I think you shouldn’t use them as a tool though. Let them come naturally. But who am I to judge? Anyway, I’m still listening, even though I disagree with you about almost everything you say. – tommy

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