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The California fires expose a migrant problem – I say, lets get Steve Jobs to tackle the immigration issue. Think of the millions of people he turned into law abiding citizens when he launched iTunes? All those people used to download music for free and break the law doing it – you could argue that he was at the forefront of the biggest conversion of criminals to law abiders in history. A evolutionary theorist says we are going to split into two species, ala The Time Machine – why do these people persist in the thinking that there will always be a have/have-not structure in this world. A rising tide raises all boats, even the Morlocks. I rant about how government blocks innovation, especially in the automotive space. The problem is not the lack of innovation – its all the crap government forces you to have on a car before its allowed to hit the road. And finally, the most popular scary political costume is, you guessed it, The Woman Who Would Be Queen. I wonder if there is any correlation between the most purchased costume and the actual winner. In this case I hope its an inverse equation.

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