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Monthly Archives: October 2007

I go on a quest for anchovy pizza – why is it so difficult to understand that when you ask for a pizza with anchovies, you want a pizza with anchovies. A woman gets arrested for shouting at her toilet, some girls get sent home for painting their bodies to show school spirit, and why do we allow violence but not sex on our airwaves, maybe that one thing those old euro socialist countries have right.

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Why bother watching the GOP debate when Hillary is going to win. California starts banning stuff in your own home and I encounter some very ungentlemanly drivers.

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A quick async auto vent. Who does Hillary think shes fooling – looks like a lot of people, sounds like. The Nobel prize might go to Al Gore – God that annoys me greatly. I talk a little about Hirsi Ali, who in a great article in Reason Magazine says that Islam shoudl be put down – that if the West doesn’t smarten up ASAP and fight the spread of Islam on all fronts, then we will have to fight it everywhere, militarily.  I talk about how a tolerant multiculturalism everywhere else but in the US is the downfall of those societies, as Muslims use that tolerance to spread thier intolerant authoritarian creed.

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What is tyranny? Obama says religion is not just for Republicans – How do those Democrats live with the seemingly opposing viewpoints of religion and group rights? Lobbyists are good, says our next President. Can’t leave Hillary alone – she’s NOT a natural pananthropist. Building in Baltimore will now have surveillance cameras built into every new building being built. Yet another rant on immigration – we need to deal with this issue properly, and I don’t see anyone taking the steps necessary to solve the issue. Politics is  slimy rich persons game. Google says they “do no evil” What is their definition of the word “evil”? Governments will force search engines to provide the data. Hillary aspires to China – capitalism without democracy.  And yet again, the discoverer of this continent, Christopher Columbus, is forgotten and dissed simply because he did the same stuff every one else was doing back then. Oh, way and because he was white. Why are we told to forget the negative past?

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Will we all take the Tryphogetin and forget Hillary’s past as we vote for her next November? Its amazing how someone like her can literally re-envision herself and then all of a sudden become “presidential” What ever happened to all the crap thats attached to her? Is everything going to be suppressed until after she’s President, then sealed because she is President? Why isn’t anyone saying or doing anything about whats going on in Burma? Why aren’t we saving them as well? Theres a sweep of illegal immigrants in SoCal, these people have broken the law in addition to being here illegally. How can anyone complain about that? And talk radio is under siege again. Just wait till Hillary’s in power – Savage and Limbaugh will be driven off the air, and blogs, videos and podcasts will be monitored as well.

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Not sure where this is going to go but I launch THINKFATE.COM, the starting point for all of our personal Fight Against Tyranny. See if you can’t talk, push or fight back against a tyrant in your own life, and let me know so I can post your story  on THINKFATE.COM. I need more tenets from you all, but I thought maybe the fight one would be I will Fight Against Tyranny Everywhere, in all its forms, to the best of my ability, when I can and when I am able. If there is more, please let me know. Hillary has a lock on the nomination, so shes spreading our money around like $5k baby bonds at birth. just wait for her global warming tax announcement. She also raises more this quarter than anyone else. Like I said back in 2005, she will be our next president. On the GOP side, Guiliani continues to show disrespect for people. No matter since he has no chance of winning.

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We need to take up the struggle against tyrants, both big and small. I propose a movement, a feeling, a brand, a pride. Something like We The People, or Dont Tread On Me, or We Dont Take S**t From Nobody. Something people can take to heart and feel good about. A movement of individuals, all standing up to the authoritarians and saying: NO! A woman dies while in police custody trying to get out of handcuffs – everyone says she is sweet and nice – but whats the hidden story? Does she drink? Do drugs? Scratch that “wonderful person and mother” veneer and you might find an abusive personality – or an abused personality. The massacre in Burma is way way worse than anyone reports. Not only do we not send troops to help – no one says a God damned thing about it. Not our current President, nor the next.

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