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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Thousands chant for death for the teacher who named her teddy bear Muhammad. Thats pretty civilized – the punishment really fits the crime, eh? Turns out the Gay General is a Clinton plant. Big surprise from CNN. While its great that Ron Paul is getting more popular and is raising more money, I’m concerned that if he gets too popular, he might threaten the status quo. Authoritarians hate losing their power and who knows what lengths they might go to?

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An excellent video, if a bit overdone. I especially like the part which compares 1773 to now. We are a shadow of our former selves, and need to get back to the founder’s original vision.

I finally take my oath of citizenship with hundreds of others – Why do I seem to be the only one excited about becoming American? The Democrats aren’t even there to try and sway me – I guess they are so confident in Hillary that they don’t care. But believe it or not, the Cali GOP was there – and there was a Ron Paul table. I talk to those guys for a bit and pledge to support him. Then comes the GOP debate. What a debacle. Note that they saved all the nutball questions for Dr. Paul. Makes me nuts. Includes a pretty good impression of the Governator.

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Where is the feminist outrage against Islam for their treatment of women? This teacher has been sentenced to 40 lashes – where is the NOW? Apparently they are more interested in holiday shopping! Where is ANY religion taking us nowadays? Does the human race have any use for religion – especially religions who envision some kind of God or Gods which run the show. Where is this higher being? If He created everything, then where did He go? Are not ALL religions obsolete? Maybe we need a humanistic “10 Precepts” instead of a “10 Commandments”  Why is it OK for Disney to mint private coin, but not Liberty lovers? Due mostly to Ron Paul’s bubbling of support, at least we are stating to see more and more treatment of libertarianism in the mainstream media. Finally. Plus, I’m heading to my oath ceremony soon and talk a little about multiculturalism vs the “melting pot”

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For this holiday season, what would be a more appropriate and accurate gift for that secret Santa other than a Hillary nutcracker. You put the nuts between her legs and squeeze. Reading through the US Constitution, its amazing how little from that document still applies, and its not just the 16th amendment. I was never schooled in American history but I wonder how many Americans have forgotten whats said in those documents – you wonder why its still called “the supreme law of the land”. I will be taking my oath in the next few days – the Dems will be swarming me after the ceremony to try and get me to sign up. I wonder if the GOP will be there too? If so, I can’t wait to see what they say when I say “Sure, I’d like to vote for Ron Paul”. Stunned silence, maybe?

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Did you travel with stinking passengers or screaming kids this Thanksgiving weekend? I did and it was not fun. A researchers proves that drugs are not addictive, its the culture and lifestyle but he has no luck getting funding to prove it further. Why do we have so much trouble challenging assumptions like that? Some libertarian films that you might like to add to your Netflix queue.

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…on the libertarian blog Yearning To Breathe Free

I agree with Jason’s point on how I’m not all that libertarian – I believe in most of the platform, but differ in a few key areas, such as immigration and the war on terror. I want to support Ron Paul fully, and will do so as soon as I can. However, I’m concerned that given the media bias against a true free market candidate, that most of our efforts will be for nothing.

Jason – I will attempt to reveal more of my true libertarian self in my upcoming shows. Thanks for the wakeup call. I’ll go read your blog now, looks like good stuff.

Glad to see that Sarkozy is pushing back against the tyrannical unions, bullies really go mental when you push back. They can’t stand it – how dare we have other opinions? Since you will probably be either having turkey or standing in long shopping lines or both over the next few days, if you haven’t already you should probably try brining your turkey – really succulent! Deep frying is good too – very delicious and not greasy at all. I won’t be spending time in the shopping lines but I may be in the travel lines. Poll states that Obama and Guiliani are more likable – people would rather have a beer with those two. What are we hiring, a friend or a leader? The UN says that AIDS numbers are down – thats good cause they’ve moved on to global warming as a cause anyway. Send ideas for show 500 to me at thinkfuture @

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I’m So Thrilled By The Saviour!
Thrilled By The Saviour

The UN wants a War Or Global Warming – these people only want us to fight things that we have no possible way of winning against. My Wii is 1 year old today – who knew that it would be such big deal? Even when I sat in line waiting for it back in October of last year I had no idea that it would be that popular, apparently even this year there are supply issues. Instead of seeing Beowulf this weekend, we got Super Mario Galaxies – man that game is cool – apparently its one of the highest rated games of all time on any console. New Zealand says – No immigrants with a BMI over 35 – this is what happens in a socialized medical system – once the government starts paying for everyones health care, they will want unprecedented control over your life – no smoking, drinking, eating, sitting around not exercising etc. Rudy is kinda scary. I hope he doesn’t get put up against Hillary – cause he just might win. Plus a little diatribe on Canadians vs. Americans. Sometimes Canadians can be sooo annoying.

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In lasts nights debate both Hillary and Barack were trying to one up each other on the amount and number of health care giveaways for people – does everyone forget that the money they are giving out is OUR OWN? Progressives at the SF Chronicle are salivating at the thought of Bush out of office. This article really gives you some insight into their mindset. Let me know if the amount of hatred and vitriol surprise you at all. BTW, Wolf practically was kissing Hillary’s toes in that debate – talk about the complete opposite of Russert – he just let her off scot-free on pretty much any question. Check out the new Hillary campaign video, featuring a gaunt Bill running on a treadmill towards a big double cheeseburger, all about the joys of caucusing for Hillary. During the video, they say “Be a part of history” which I guess refers to electing the first female President of the US. Who cares if she can lead the country? Lets just elect her cause shes female – or because we want to “make history”. And in Canada, the guy didn’t even have a chance to say “Don’t Tase Me, Bro, Eh?” before they tasered him to death. I want to see Beowulf this weekend, not sure if I want to make the trek to the nearest IMAX 3D, maybe just regular 3D will be good enough. Oh yeah – and you should probably check out Reason.TV, its cool!

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