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Monthly Archives: December 2007

My bōnenkai : Featuring NO top ten lists, no looks back. Why look back when the future is so bright? 2008 will be a great year. I know it will be a good year for me personally, lets make its an awesome political year as well by voting in Dr. Paul as President. From the Future Hall Of Predictions: Unless the GOP makes Ron Paul their candidate, they will surely lose in 2008. I’m 100% sure of that. Is America ready to stop sucking at the teat of an activist growing government? Or is the message getting out too late? I hope not. And lets work double time to make sure its not.

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From the Iowa Independent 12/28:

Third Place

Ron Paul — Rival campaigns are beginning to nervously speculate that Paul will finish in the top three on January 3. Paul broke double digits in at least two polls for the first time this week and he seems particularly strong in areas of the state where the media has less of an impact on political deliberations — especially in rural northwest and southern Iowa. Check out a Ron Paul supporters’ websites and you’ll see detailed discussions about caucus rules and strategy. The Paulites are more ready for caucus night than most observers realize.”

Note the phrase “where the media has less of an impact on political deliberations” – aka the mainstream media hasn’t brainwashed these folks yet that Dr. Paul is “an unelectable long-shot” – See RP Mainstream Media Marginalization Guide

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Very impressive if you ask me. UGC rocks, as always…

Still, I think this might appeal to progressives more.  And we dont have to worry about that until Dr. Paul is on the GOP ticket. Until then, we need people to register Republican and help us to get Dr. Paul on the ticket

A lot of good points here. I would love to see a total smackdown of the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire with a strong Paul showing. Calling all polling into question would be awesome – and may force the pollsters into more accurate methodology. They should understand that more than almost anything, in this “Back The Winner” culture we are in, that the pollsters almost hold more sway over the voters than anyone or anything. Yes, not even millions in donations can win over people who think “he can never win” based on polls.

Weekend Edition: I talk to Libertarian Ron Paul supporter Starchild. The wide range of disaffected Americans who are aching for a change – who want someone to steer the Titanic away from the iceberg and not just rearrange the deck chairs, never ceases to amaze me. Listen to one of the most interesting people I’ve met on the Ron Paul trail…We range from freedom, to Dr. Paul, to how the Governator sold out, to innovation in homelessness, to how government action retards innovation in all areas.

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Its true folks, the official Ron Paul Marginalization Guide is out. All the while saying that Ron Paul supporters can’t complain that he is not getting into the mainstream media any longer – he still is barely mentioned by anyone, anytime, on any TV program. It was so awesome to see the Ron Paul take on what we should do about Pakistan – which is NOTHING. Let them sort their own issues out. I wonder if the American people see the clarity of vision in his words. Maybe all of this overseas adventuring is having a side benefit of returning the illegal immigrants back to their countries. I’d rather see better immigration policies, thank you.

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Bhutto is assassinated today, does anyone doubt that Musharraf was behind it the whole time? The timing is way too accurate, with elections next week. Too bad – the tyrant wins again and now who knows what kind of bloodbath will ensue. Tyrants don’t care how many people die as long as they have the iron grip on power. Everyone who listens to my show knows that a vote for a low polling candidate is not wasted. We need to stop this “back a winner” mentality, vote your conscience people. I talk to a Ron Paul supporter who ironically works for the IRS – backing Dr. Paul may put him out of a job but he understands its for the greatest good of the country and our own freedom.

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Awesome article from the Poltico.

After complaining about 9,800 earmarks in the latest $555B spending bill, instead of doing something about it like vetoing it, he SIGNS it. So much for that. A few weeks ago another bill mandating compact fluorescent light bulbs zoomed through – even though the energy savings are minuscule. Why do we do this? Another example of how wrong polls can be Clinton suddenly doubles? Why Obama doesn’t matter and a perfect example of government largess and waste in Afghanistan, contrasting to real change brought about by the people. Oh and I read some reader blog comments too.

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Wouldn’t it be great if Ron blows everyone away in Iowa and throws the polling establishment into disarray? Remember the 2000 elections where some mainstream Tv network kept calling the Florida election? Called exit polls into question? The wonderful thing about the libertarian platform is that its so clear and foundational that it can handle every issue that comes against it with almost no need to “figure out” the answer – its always congruent and consistent. Writers from the Atlantic, National Review Online, National Post all endorse Ron Paul. Lets see if Fox can stomach him on Hannity. The Clinton years were so good cause of inaction – not action. The Iowa Ron Paul Special is awesome – check it out – I actually teared up near the 8:00 mark of part 2. Tell all your friends. Only issue I had was the Roe v. Wade mention.

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