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Monthly Archives: January 2008

My article on Nolan Chart


The media has already picked our GOP candidate, and its McCain. Its obvious from that debate. What a joke. People think the president can effect health care and gas prices???? The system is broken, and America will break as well if this keep going the way they are. The only good to come out of that debate is Ron Paul’s statement “The President is the Commander-In-Chief of the military, not the Commander-in-Chief of the economy.” Obama says he wants to legalize pot? No. Go pledge to buy a copy of Ron Paul’s new book. Got your W2 yet? Get ready to see your taxes double or triple under Hillary. Maybe I should vote for Nader, if the Doctor doesn’t run as a Libertarian candidate, as the ultimate protest vote. Obama calls for change – the electorate is fooled into thinking its the change each person wants. 

Warning: I get pretty pissed off on this show, so prepare your ears for some yelling.

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The Future Looks Bright! Rudy to bow out – finally! Edwards steps down too – can’t wait to see him backing the Savior later -oooh boy wouldnt that piss off Madame President? Juan “Amnesty” McCain wins Florida. Are we really surprised? Ahnold may endorse Juan. I had such hopes for him. Sometimes immigrants love their adopted country more than those born here. You want to move elsewhere when Hillary wins? Believe it or not, no matter how bad things seem, this is still the best place on earth. Plus: More Ron Paul.

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What kind of country are we leaving for our kids? The State of the Union address, while full of praise for actions of the people, does not mirror that actions of this or any other future administration. Why not change the preamble to read “We The Government”. My biggest fear is that all of us who have been emboldened by the Ron Paul Revolution, will sink back into the political apathy the mainstream media and the political establishment wish us to. I read some of the Liberty Amendment, and it looks like Ron Paul has decided to let the others duke it out in Florida while he concentrates on the Super Tuesday vote. Hope this works.

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The media is down to two man races on either side. I guess now Edwards, Huckabee and Guiliani supporters can feel some of the pain that the Ron Paul supporters do. Kennedy backs Obama – who care but weak willed people who base their decisions on the decisions of others, worse yet, other politicians. Bush finally does something about earmarks. Very weak. A reduction in the amount of increase is NOT a cut. And praises Pelosi. Hell, even the Democrats hate Pelosi now. Oh ya and it looks like that the only way Ron Paul gets into the news is when supporters crash one of the “Two Man Race” runners. What crap.

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“When it comes to fiscal policy, Clinton seems to see herself as a kindergarten teacher “fairly” doling out cupcakes, giving no thought to who baked them in the first place. In a recent New York Times interview she worried that “inequality is growing” and waxed nostalgic for the “confiscatory” tax rates of the post-World War II decades.”

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While Ron Paul flubbed the ask another candidate a question by not asking something relevant enough, I think he did pretty well. He even got the last word. Mama McCain doesnt really want to vote for her boy. I read and respond to listener comments on Islam, Schools and Economics. Great stuff. Plus my libertarian films start rolling in, watched Gettysburg and Mildred Pierce over the last week. More to come. Plus, go here and read this:

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The mainstream media is in a tough spot. After thinking about how Tim Russert whacked Ron Paul with that social security question in yesterdays debate to discredit him, I realized that:

  1. They don’t want to give him any airtime so that people don’t hear his message
  2. They want to discredit him as wacko and marginal

Unfortunately, both can’t happen. Every time they try to discredit him, he gets airtime. I think that they can’t decide which would be more effective. Probably the former as giving him any airtime at all lets him actually get his message out. Hopefully, more lower tiers will drop out so that they may be forced to cover Paul.

Whos running, Bill or Hillary? Bill plays the race card. Will Paul win as last pro-life man standing? Gore gets shriller and shriller. Horses make a comeback on the border. The UK pays people to lose weight, better start eating if you want in on that windfall. A Dutch politician insults the Koran and prepares for a murderous backlash from the religion of peace.

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The Liberty Amendment is locked and loaded, let’s figure out how we can pull the trigger. Why aren’t we teaching economics in 4th grade and why don’t we use gaming in order to teach in a compelling manner. Maybe then we won’t have to pay kids $8 an hour to stay in school. Farah of WorldNetDaily endorses Ron Paul, well he also endorses Thompson and Huckabee, but with luck Huckabee will drop out too. Rush Votes Clobama? What planet are we on? Maybe his new girlfriend has got something to do with it?

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