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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Starbucks provides coffee perfection, its not bad – I try the honey latte and its pretty good – reminds me of Greek pastries – yumm – Michelle Obama says that Hussein is the fear bomb, she must really think little of the American people. A video proves Obama is ready to shred the military. Prince Harry is killing Taliban – whats wrong with that – didnt kings used to lead the troops into battle? And I’m test driving a convertible today – wonder if the show will sound the same from a convertible?

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From the Future Hall of Predictions: Obama wins both the Dem primary and the general election, McCain and the GOP are crushed. A Dem President and Congress gives out trillions and raises taxes across the board. Obama goes back on his get the troops out of Iraq pledge but people wont care. We are forced to swallow the Prozac and America will lose its place and UAE, India, China and Russia will ascend. And I want to place a curse, anyone know a good one?

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John Sidney McCain III has trouble people using his opponents full name – why? Isnt Barack Hussein Obama the guys actual name? A great article from one of my listeners on Obamas character being shaped by the women in his life. A letter from one of my listeners points to evidence that 9/11 is a conspiracy – I just dont think the government has the skillz to organize anything even close to a conspiracy. I possibly uncover a sleazy tactic by a Canadian cable company to force people to pay extra for more bandwidth by purposely setting thresholds lower without properly informing their customers in order to force them into a higher tier. Soon, we in the states will just take it and learn to love to grumble instead of taking action as well. At least thats what they want us to to, Sidney, Diane and Hussein.

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Lets See: its Hillary with $147B a year and Obama with $197B in giveaways, so Obama WINS! We, and our kids, and our kids kids, etc LOSE. Obama grows up praising Jesus, dont you think his whole campaign is based on raw emotion and zero substance? How can you fight a cloud, eh Hillary? Bush thinks the GOp will keep the Presidency, whats he smoking? And the God-fearing Huckster prays for a pox to befall Juan McCain, then maybe he will have a chance. Ah Ron Paul, you coulda been a contenda.

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Who i s going to pay of all of Obamas wonderful handouts? U and me and our kids, and our kids kids etc etc. I blame English Gentlemen in the late 1800s, when they just wanted to get the poor off the streets, of course at our expense. Thats when the slide of personal responsibility started. And it keeps on going! Ann Coulter, who is so often wrong, is right on the money when she talks about how McCain-Feingold basically made the media kingmakers. Plus some other stuff I dont remember, what you expect me to listen to my own show??

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After you watch this video, ask yourself: How many of these people are thoughtfully researching the candidate in question? How many people in these crowds are using their human capacity for reason to determine who should lead this country? How may of these people are simply putting aside their capacity for reason and simply BELIEVING that Obama will save us?

Have I overestimated humanity, or the American people, in that we are so willing to put aside our capacity for reason, in order to vote this charlatan as the next president of the United States?

I get an email  from Catalonia accusing me of being ignorant of socialized medicine, and being an imperialist Jew. Neither, thanks. Obama pats Hillary on the head in the debates. Like I said, nice try honey – check back next time. I see Spiderwick Chronicles, good movie but it really highlights our need to teach our kids interpersonal relationship skills – another one for the Future School.

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The NYT tries to take down McCain, this is a scandal – I can barely understand it. Sorry Hillary, but I think you are out this round. Good luck next time. May as well angle for the running mate role. Obama is applauded for sneezing – anyone selling this snot rag on eBay for big bucks? And everyone wants socialized medicine, better take advantage of it before it starts losing money, like the others out there.

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Apparently, nothing of note.

And this is a guy who should know. Maybe if we are lucky The Savior will continue to do nothing of note throughout his entire presidency. I can at least have the Audacity of that Hope, can’t I?

Obama will be worse for the country than Hillary – his experience is introducing 100s of bills, and I don’t think these are about reducing the size and scope of government. One choice bill, The Global Poverty Act, he sponsored, paves the way for UN taxing US citizens to pay the worlds poor. So much for Obama cloning bread. Only one solution left – elect a GOP free market thinking congress which won’t bring idiot bills like this to President Obama to sign.

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