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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Gore calls global warming deniers flat earthers now – whats the next epithet hes going to hurl – is he getting desperate or what? China is gonna censor the Olympics, no doubt. Hillarys supporters start to look like Ron Pauls: small but fervent. Obama gets bit and starts getting nuanced – anyone remember Mr. John Nuance Kerry? The number of Muslims overtakes the number of Catholics in the world – is this the way to Armageddon? And a film goes online juxtaposing verses from the Koran with terror attacks. Watch it here (Warning: Shocking Images), make your own judgment.

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We do need a menaissance, but not just men being more manly, everyone being more gentlemanly. The McRib comes back to Canada for a limited time – apparently I missed it when it came around here back in 2005 – love that sandwich – Hillarys poll numbers dip to Bushian levels, guess than means its Obama vs McCain – Mr. We Are All In This Together vs. Mr. Amnesty For Criminal Aliens. Obama says that the GOP represents the On Your Own society – what has HE drunk the GOP Party Line kool-aid. Maybe if he compared the GOPs actions instead of their words then maybe they wouldn’t look so far apart. In fact, two sides same coin.

Who has more A-holium? VW drivers, BMW drivers or Audi drivers, or submit your own – Don’t bother being a realist or pessimist on the internets – people will drive you out and say hope the door whacks you on the way out – maybe this is a whole cultural trend – all those of us who are seeing us heading towards the iceberg and are trying to call it out, like Ron Paul, are just being met with – I dont want to hear lalalala ear coverers. Plus we have become a culture of sore winners – waving ones good fortune in losers faces seems to be what everyone does. Tact is gone. Obama’s economic plan: regulate, control, toughen. More government. And he says McCains plan is less government. If only!

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How IĀ  got pushed into doing sales – how H1-B visas are like indentured servitude – think everyone should do sales at one point in their lives in order to learn how to deal with people – McCain reveals that his foreign policy is no more America Alone – lets just all get together and collaborate. There goes sovereign statehood. The US is doomed to be the policemen of the world for yet another term, Ford sells Jag and Land Rover to Tata – India continues to ascend while we continue to descend. Obama seems to be related to every president, and Clinton has a French-Canadian connection, Sacre Bleu. Everyone should be naked on the internet, right now. Plus more rambling about many things.

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An excellent article on Obama, and the “Wright Stuff”

There is no evidence that Obama ever sought to educate himself on the views of people on the other end of the political spectrum, much less reach out to them. He reached out from the left to the far left. That’s bringing us all together?

Another excellent article, on some of the things Obama needs to explain:

Then came the Wright affair. The former pastor at a Chicago church Obama attends, Wright is seen as the senator’s spiritual mentor. He officiated at Obama’s wedding and baptized his two daughters. But in angry sermons endlessly replayed on television and the Internet, Wright is seen saying that American “terrorism” brought about the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Wright also argues African-Americans should sing “God Damn America” to protest their treatment.

I’m so glad that we live in interesting times.

CBS unearths Clintons Bosnian drop off – no hail of bullets – Al Gore may be back – please take these Gore-lovers to the lunatic asylum. America not stable or prosperous? Who did the survey? Theres your answer. Why is the mainstream media purposely not covering the protests against China, especially the Olympic protests. Does the IOC have rider in there telling the media that if they show any protesters then the IOC may pull their broadcast rights? Once again it comes to the bloggers and podcasters to expose this crap. ReadingĀ  about the latest election in Russia reminds me that we arent so far apart – maybe we dont beat or jail our dissidents but we sure as hell silence them.

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This election will be the litmus test – do Americans want limited government and personal responsibility, or big government, more regulation and tons of entitlements. Obama is betting on the latter to carry him through. Many people dont realize that Jesus was one of the first libertarians, shutting down the big government monopoly on worship. I bet that behind Chinas sheen of wonderfulness, there are horrible atrocities being carried out behind the wall that we dont have any idea about. With any luck the Olympics there may shed some light. Plus some shouting on criminal aliens, other side road drivers, idiot theater managers, and much more. BTW, we hit the 1,000,000 download mark! Thank you for listening and spreading the word, you guys rock….!

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A bunch of milestones coming up for me – 45th birthday, 10 years in Silicon Valley, 4 years at my day job, and a million downloads. Cool, eh? Good Friday in the US means: business as usual. Some Greek Easter traditions. You may find them strange. Dems will vote for McCain if their candidate loses. Will they go for a Golden Ticket? Maybe the country is not ready for a black man or a woman, where else will they go? Juan, of course. Rush Limbaugh = Any Republican In A Storm. I read listener email – good stuff – keep them coming. Why dont the smartest business heads in the world get together on solving the REAL problems of the world, like terrorism or tyranny, instead of something that hasnt even been proven, like gak global warming.

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McCain leads both Obama and Clinton by double-digits – maybe people are tired of the sniping – Osama comes out with another statement, slamming both cartoons of Mohammed and the Pope. Why do people say we should be tolerant of the intolerant? Morris says that Obamas already won – probably just hates the Clintons so much that he’d prefer ABC – Anyone But Clinton. A lot of folks agree I think. A new blog Stuff White People Like, is flagged as controversial, whereas Assimilated Negro isnt. Hmm. The Stuff blog is hilarious, although the blogger should differentiate between pure white and ethnic immigrant whites – since there are some big differences, which I discuss in my cake rant. And a cake couple enjoys being close to their pets, by wearing their fur after they die. Nice.

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Obama doesnt want a color, gender, religion blind society. IMHO, the mere mention of a different race, gender or religion separates us. Who does the conciliatory Obama like more, the GOP or Clinton? Iraq war hits 5 years – was it justified? No. Its most likely a Bush personal vendetta against Saddam. Carpoolers lays bare the role of males in our feminized society, its too honest about the type of relationships most men are in and therefore will probably be canceled. Arthur C. Clarke has passed away – he envisioned a color, sex, religion blind future – why cant we do that today?

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