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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Last day – did I say Barack, Hussein or Obama today? Obama denounces Wright, but man, I dont think Ive ever seen such a weak-ass denunciation in my life. Great article in The Progressive on why Obama will lose. Sharpton comes out against Obama too. Tsk Tsk. Guess the black vote isnt that monolithic, eh? Obama is trying the middle ground and its slipping away. Dude, you will lose. Last year, millions of criminal aliens marched – why didnt we round them up then? McCain colors up his health care plan – another step towards socialized medicine. No matter whos up there, we will see it.


Wright is back – courtesy Hillary – and is effectively torpedoing Obamas campaign. Lets see if it sinks. McCain says – wait a sec – I want to do something about health care too! I finally crack open my copy of The Revolution, A Manifesto, by Ron Paul – is that ever a great book. Im going to have to give this book away in my next contest – but dont wait for that – go grab one from Amazon right now. Plus internet access woes, Hillary plots a McCain win, and an open letter to all presidential candidates.

Obama plays ball – guess its not stereotypical for a black man to play basketball, is it? Pundits all over are saying – Obama is the nominee already, pack up your bags Hillary. Course I dont see any independents voting for Obama. My personal search uncovers the most wanted man in the world, working in a post office in San Jose. If the government really cared about reducing gas prices, it wouldnt focus on silly technicalities like rolling back the gas tax for the summer, theyd peel back all the regulations stopping us from developing truly fuel efficient cars on our own.

Wesley Snipes is made an example of – 36 months in jail for not paying his taxes – like I said – dont F with the IRS. Food shortages due to biofuel focus? Al Gore gets bit back. I think there are a few more things which are a little more important than global warming, even if it exists. You think the Dems will go easy on you, Juan? Not a chance. So stop BSing us that you are going to run a clean campaign. Getting new wheels for my car today, what do you guys think? Plus a few things on Greek Easter, which is this weekend, Xristos Anesti!

Lets go into some detail on why Hillary won – the economy and health care voters picked her – while the war voters picked him – the war is getting less important as the economy tanks – plus Obama self identified as black, not color blind – so only guilt-ridden whites will vote for him – The Savior decides that a waffle is more important than foreign policy – McCain starts to make some good noises, too bad its all lies to get elected – and two China things happen: they now have the same number of internet connected people as us, and some money grubbers sue CNN for $1.3B, a rapidly devaluing buck for each Chinese citizen.

New contest: Hear me say Barack or Hussein or Obama in the next 7 days and win a free subscription to Reason, for you or a friend. Hillary lives to see another day – again who cares who wins they are all the same – Do it yourself power generation gets slammed, and yes folks its a trillion dollar war now. How are we going to pay for all this? We may not – but our kids will.

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I celebrate Earth Day by driving to the office – if companies really wanted to do something about global warming they would be totally virtual and let people work from home every day. Obama and Clinton duke it out tonight. Is it the Final Round? Does it matter? Two sides, same coin. America is heading for disaster – those of us legal immigrants can possibly see it more clearly than Americans. We see the creeping Prozac Nation.

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The guy on the news smoking the giant pot cone must have meant it was 420 day yesterday – get ready for national service – since parents cant seem to motivate kids to get real jobs, lets force them into indentured servitude to the state – which is of course the end result of government actions anyways – why cant people sell their organs? Who owns them? The nature of humanity is to improve ourselves – its our reason and intellect which drives the next step of our evolution – its not nature and God anymore – WE drive our evolution now.

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What do the peoples, not the governments, of the world think of America? Has anyone polled regular folks? Obama has lost his luster – sure he is better than Hillary, but only slightly better. In the end he will lose – and we will get Bush III. McCain is capturing the center ground and wont let it go. They will tell Obama – why cant you be more like McCain? Another reminder that Im getting old, how can you get a back strain just by sitting down?

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It was the Popes birthday yesterday, do those 9000 singers have to pay the RIAA now? If McCain dies, does that mean the RonĀ  Paul wins by default? The Dem debate is a killer for The Savior, no matter as I think he has the nomination sewn up. I predict surge is the word of the year, the heated controversy around Obamas flag pin and why shouldnt old men get sex? At least give them some relief in their waning years.

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