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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Want to be like Europe? Willing to pay $8.70 a gallon for gas? Who is going to pay the piper, Senator Obama? Mr. New, Fresh and Different still represents that same old stuff – I don’t see him going beyond politics as usual. He thinks there are 57 states and the dead will rise to hear him. Do we want to join the ranks of the rest of the world? To take us down to their level instead of raising them up to our level. See image – Obama is really pushing the McCain/Bush connection. Sex and the City moviegoers are exclusively female – its no wonder as they are the same kind of male bashing male hating audience as the one for Desperate Housewives. I posit a whole new political landscape – do we really want to live in an Obama America, or a Clinton America, or a McCain America or a Ron Paul America?


All the buzz is about What Happened – tell you what happened – ever heard the term disgruntled employee? – The Obama’s prove that they detest the free market – don’t they understand that without business and the “money-making industries”, as they call them – supporting the “helping industries”, who are a parasite on the free market, can’t exist. The Captain of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy now supports Obama – oh man, its the end of the world. Count those votes people. Michigan and Florida should be included, unless you’d like a backlash come November.

Regardless of the insane optimism of some Ron Paul supporters, most of us have come to terms with the reality that John McCain is going to be the Republican nominee. His peculiar mix of fiscal libertarianism, traditionalism and moderation on social issues may trouble some, but it is closer to a truly libertarian position than any Republican presidential candidate since Barry Goldwater. It may also be just the mix to win over angry Clinton Democrats and moderates who can’t stomach the leftward drift of the Democratic Party. He’s not the dream candidate for anyone, but he may be the best we could have hoped for out of the mess left behind by the Bush administration.

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Finally something I can get behind on climate change – Carbon Belch Day – Obama gaffes on Auschwitz – Obamas base consists of guilty affluent whites and blacks. What exactly does libertad mean, Senator? Are you going to finally do something about this embargo which has done nothing but shore up Castro? Obama knows more about being a Muslim than living on an island. Obama brands the internet. Does the Koran preach kumbaya anywhere? The media is insinuating that McCain has mental health issues. Believe a third party candidate can make a difference? Check your history. The last time a Democrat won was when Ross Perot helped it happen, IMHO.

Indiana Jones paints the Russians as the bad guys, they get pissed. For people to truly understand how great America is, they should go live somewhere else for a while. The McCain folks see a blowout – crazy eh? Hillary gaffes – why do they hold her feet to the fire but not Baracks? Icahn says that the Soros backed Obama would be a  bad president – uh huh. Go abroad, young man. Only then you can understand the greatness of America. Plus Kennedys tumor, and another diatribe on time and waiting.

Does being a government functionary make you want to f with peoples heads, or is it the other way around, people who enjoy F-ing with peoples heads draws one to government work? Obama wants to speak softly – but without a stick, we are the ones to get boned. Hillary voters might stay home – I see how they can compare Obama to the arrogant upstart male who steals a job from a qualified experienced woman. Its Memorial Day this weekend – did those people die so that we could have a giant overarching government running our lives?

BHO apparently f-s up all the time. Why does no one call him on it?

Obama wants to set the terms of the debate – hope McCain doesnt let him – I want to see a knock down drag out fight this year – everyone talks about being soft – I say rip each other to shreds – maybe we will finally see some reality behind the facades. Why dont we talk about the big issues? Cause we care more about character than anything else? Is McCain really open to all ideas? Doubt it. Although he may have Christ on the ticket. That should make the evangelicals happy. I vote for Bobby Jindal as McCains running mate – even though the VP role usually doesnt mean anything. We do live in interesting times.

It’s an essay question people! Like many of you, I wasn’t totally enthralled with the way Ron Paul’s book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, ended. As far as I’m concerned, his call to action in the last chapter was a little “weak” – so I’m calling on my listeners to write a new call to action. Write and email me an inspirational paragraph or two and the best submission will get 5 copies of the The Revolution mailed to the individuals of their choice.


Im annoyed at the Obama loving media painting Obama supporters as intelligent and Hillary supporters as ignorant hillbilly buffoons. If the presidency was like it used to be, maybe Obama would make a good American figurehead – but the office has way too much power now. Democrats are more racist/sexist – why can’t they look past those differences and be totally blind to those things? McCain as Jesus – uh no. If Hillary was going to be anti-male, will Obama be anti-white? The candidates undergo handwriting analysis. Obama and McCain both have big egos – big surprise. And a new contest: write up a new Ron Paul Revolution Manifesto Paragraph and win 5 copies of The Revolution.