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Obama creates a new Presidential seal by Photoshopping the existing one – too bad its illegal to do that, guess hes trying to get us used to seeing him behind a seal. Hes also got a 15 point bounce on McCain according to a Newsweek poll – and now hes accusing the GOP of racism before they even open their mouths – obviously the Obama brand is Audacity. McCain offers a $300M bounty for a new battery – great idea. George Carlin dies of heart failure in LA – there goes one of the great ones when it comes to pushing the boundaries of free speech – too bad we really arent any further ahead. And watch out – you may be on trial if you dont believe in global warming.



  1. I guess you never heard of The Ramones, dinglefritz.

  2. Sorry, I don’t get the reference. Of course I’ve heard of the Ramones – who hasn’t?

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