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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Ron Paul completes his presidential campaign and launches the Campaign For Liberty, please join if you continue to believe in limited, constitutional government. I wonder how long it will be before some preacher says that the reason Iowa is being hit now is due to them voting for Obama? Witness soccer moms suppressing their male children and letting their female children run wild. Way to tell kids from birth that women are better than men. Also, my passport stories – amazing differences between dealing with US/Canadian passport process.


Every health care experience I have in the US is so incredibly great compared to the terrible experiences I have had in Canada, I just don’t understand why anyone wants to make care worse – why get crappy care for free when you can pay a little and get great care. Journalists prove they have totally lost their objectivity when it comes to Obama – that should be a firing offense. The Ron Paul convention is a go – I think its a big mistake having it at the same time as the GOP convention – we seem to be working on keeping ourselves fringe. If we had a Ron Paul convention directly after, and invited BOTH Republicans and Democrats so we could see who leans libertarian, then thats an idea.

Talk show pundits freaking out at the possibility of an Obama presidency: gas prices double! taxes triple! end of the world! Social programs ARE wonderful…at first. The first beneficiaries of these wonderful welfare programs always get the best. It really goes downhill from there. Depending on how old you are you may see the system already in decline. A glimpse of the Obama future, huge programs, huge taxes. Not that McCain is any better, at least he is parroting some limited government line, albeit with conditions and government involvement. How can Obama say that anyone who makes over $75k rich? Thats poverty line here in the Bay Area and in lots of other places.

Karl Marx must be celebrating in hell. His philosophy has finally infected the United States totally, as we prepare to elect a pure Marxist to the presidency. Did anyone notice how the mainstream media connected the jobs report to the stockdip, and not the selection of Obama as the nominee. If you think Obama will win the next election, then get your money out of stock. Now. I suggest gold. Plus, some personal crap and the new Red Menace.

Think about it for a second, when was the last time in recent history someone had such passionate supporters and moved so many people to shelve their reason and run on pure emotion. When was the last time a ruler was swept into power who believed that they could cure the sick and lower the oceans? Who believed that government was the answer to everyones problems. We’ve seen this kind of thing before. Period of Crisis, Check. Anti-Semitism, Check. Propaganda, Check. Soaring Oratory, Check. Now just substitute Globalism for Nationalism and Anti-Free Market for anti-communism and voila. I present, Hitler II. Those of you who want socialized medicine, free daycare and free preschools, how can we afford those in addition to a $45T climate change bill.

Personally, I dont believe that the country has moved to the left or in a more progressive direction, its moved away from Bush and the neo-cons. If you can find a right-wing pundit who says that the country has moved left, just email me – is it a figment of the Democrats imagination, or the fruits of the labor of hundreds of thousands of educators feeding our kids the progressive message over the last 40 years through re-education camps aka the public school system. McCain challenges Obama to Goldwater/Kennedy style town halls. First Obama says yes, then his campaign manager says no. Obama, it appears, is not all that much of an interactive candidate. Oh and please read and sign the if you agree.

Yes folks, the first Obama sex and drugs and rock and roll scandal is upon us – I applaud the Democrats for taking such a big risk in nominating a multiracial candidate, too bad his policies suck. George Lucas gets sucked into the Obama black hole – what is it about this guy that makes supposedly intelligence people to put their capacity for reason on a shelf and support him? Obamas whole platform: Im not as Bushish as McCain. Maybe the reality is that people are sick of the establishment in both parties. Why does Obama remind me of Agent Smith from the Matrix? Plus stuff on the Libertarian Party and Resveratrol.

We could have gotten in the brand new 2008 Chrysler 300, but no, we seem to prefer the 67 Pintos. How can we fight against the wave upon wave of Americans sucking on the teat of giant government? When 90% of the electorate wants giant, over-arching government running our lives. I guess with the Ron Paul Revolution dying on the vine, and the parasitic culture winning, I will have to just step back to the sidelines again, like I was before we got the glimmer of hope in the Doctor. Did we make a difference? For a time maybe – but Im not feeling good about a sustained campaign. With Hillary off the ticket, does that mean the turnout will not be there?

Short show today – even though Hillary shows some strength in Puerto Rico, the news of Obama leaving his church of 20 years only when it politically expedient to do so, tells me a lot more about this candidate than almost anything else. Apparently intelligent people are knowingly drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Im open minded – convince me why I should vote for him, and I will. I bet you cant provide a real argument that he really is anything other that politics as usual, albeit with a left-wing bent.