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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Race card, attacking the attack, says he is now the symbol of all Americans hopes – yikes – here comes the arrogant megalomaniac prick again. Dude, you are not running against Bush, you are running against McCain. The term fiscal disciplinarian as applied to Obama just makes me laugh.  The Fairness Doctrine is back – Pelosi wants to shut down dissent. The crackdown on illegals and the poor economy sends them back to their home countries – I tell ya, we could have solved this problem ages ago if we just took a hard line on the messaging.

I can’t wait for the day when we see this in the dictionary:

obama, obamad (o-ba-ma, o-ba-maad)- v. to act like you have the job before you have it, thus guaranteeing that you wont get the job, as in “Jeff really obamad himself” or “Better not obama yourself at that job interview” or “I thought Jill was a shoe-in for that promotion, but she went and obamad herself all over the CEO at the Christmas Party”


turns out the IOC knew all about Chinas U-turn on free internet access.

IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China

I never had much respect for the euro-weenies on the IOC, but now its at a new low. Aiding and abetting a freedom restricting regime like China, and doing its under the auspices of a supposedly global event. Nice.

Just a taste of the globalistic crap we will be getting under an Obama regime.

Obama keeps up the Presidential facade, and dumps a ton of cash on wooing Hispanics. Why do the Democrats hate it when minorities lean Republican? Now I know why I said that I don’t see independents voting for Obama – cause at least independents have thought enough about the issues and parties and candidates to declare themselves free of the cabal. With luck enough of these people will see through his BS. China goes back on a promise to keep the internet open and free for everyone at the games. I knew it. This is the thing about these totalitarian regimes. Their word means nothing.

Networks Tilted 10-1 in Obama’s Favor

Why are they trying SO hard to convince us of? If they guy was qualified, would he really NEED 3+ 24×7 network coverage in order to convince us of that fact. Methinks perhaps they are trying to baffle us with BS?

Read the article. CBS gave McCain 10 seconds on his trip overseas, compared to 34 minutes for Obama. A 200-1 ratio.

Ask yourself. Why ARE they pushing this guy so hard? Is there something they don’t want us to know?

More homeless people expected to vote this fall

“Among the record number of voters expected to cast ballots this fall may be an increase from an often-invisible population — the homeless.

Advocacy groups and shelters across the country have stepped up efforts to register the 3.5 million people who drift in and out of homelessness in the United States.

“Just because we’re homeless or low income doesn’t mean we don’t have an opinion,” said Estelle Bearcub, who plans to vote for Barack Obama. “It’s our right to vote. And it’s our right to have our opinion count, too.”

What a surprise, she is supporting Barack Obama. At the end of the article, they even talk about the next set of voters the Democrats are going after…

“”It’s their right,” Nolen said. “There are very few reasons why you can’t vote. In most places, it’s only if you’re incarcerated or if you’re dead.””

…that someone votes for you, simply bribe them:

Obama launches massive Latino voter drive

…my guess is that the Democrats are really pissed that the devout Catholic Christian, family oriented Latino vote seems to go to the GOP, so they are willing to take his massive warchest of funding to bully that base into voting Democrat. Make no mistake, its bullying. Why does he have to spend $20M wooing these voters? Can’t they make up their minds on their own? They have to be brainwashed into voting Democrat?

Reminds me of something Obama said when he got back to the states, something like….”Well, of course you might see a dip in the polls for me, we’ve been out of the country for a week and people may have forgotten about me” Fat chance when every media spigot has been spouting all Obama, all the time. There’s a dip in the polls, but not because you’ve been out of the country, there’s a dip in the polls because the American people are starting to see your true colors and they aren’t liking what they see. In fact, I think they can finally start seeing that they are being railroaded into electing you.

Go on, Senator. Get pushier. Start berating non-Obama voters as idiots – stupid middle Americans who only care about themselves, God and guns. Start telling us how stupid we are that we have yet to see The Light, The One, The King, The Savior. It will happen.

There is one thing thats very consistent among Democrats – when they start losing – they will get shriller and shriller and pushier and pushier. They are like an abusive parent or spouse, they figure that the more that they berate you, maybe you’ll fall back into line and do what they say you should do.

I think the American people can see when they are being  told what to do. And I hope they push back against this Marxist regime.

One of these posters summed it up perfectly, King Obama has been shoved down our throats by the mainstream media for over a year and we still don’t like what we see – in fact we are liking it a whole lot less – as Obama transforms magically in front of our eyes to a typical liberal effete poseur in the grandest tradition of John F. Kerry. China uses the Olympics to crack down, and the real life innovation hits the streets in Manila, where they are powering police cars with used McDonalds fry oil. Why can’t we do that here?

Much to the surprise of the mainstream media, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is NOT the current president and is therefore already planning the transition to his rule, regime, reign, presidency. Audacity is the name of the game folks. Why is he planning a transition when we all thought he’d already won?

You know, even though things look like they are going his way in the polls, I still think McCain will win. The King & Savior IMHO has just gone way too far. Hopefully, the American people who be deluded by this guy and truly think before they vote. So hold on there BO, you can’t count your chads until Election Day.

I recite an Obama supporters hate laced comment in reply to my comment that Obama is Zelig-like. By all MSM accounts, the King and Saviors campaign material collection drive – my aren’t those backgrounds exotic – is a success. What would you prefer, a Bratwurst eating humble President in a typical grocery store, or the giant headed presumptuous rock star whos too good to visit wounded troops. The McCain campaign is finally doing the right thing – cast McCain as a regualr American, not a globe loving rock star. Why couldn’t he visit the troops? No photo ops allowed. No photo op, no visit. Way to support the troops, King. I watch Dark Night and wonder, why all the hype – it could have been a much much much tighter film. sure Heath Ledger’s performance was awesome, but the film could have been so much better.

Obama-Lenin Gaffe

Too bad most of the people in the King & Savior’s pocket don’t know their history. Seems that Obama is shameless about borrowing any and all symbols from history (whether they have positive or negative connotations) in order to make their point.

I wonder when someone comes across the Wikipedia entry which states that the swastika wasn’t originally a bad symbol and Obama starts using it in some way. I can see it now – “Well, we are using the swastika in its original context”

From Wikipedia:

“In particular, the swastika is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Mithraism, religions with a total of more than a billion adherents worldwide, making the swastika ubiquitous in both historical and contemporary society … By the early 20th century, it was widely used worldwide and was regarded as a symbol of good luck and success.”