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Monthly Archives: August 2008

An incredible choice for vice president – all of these people out there think she was picked because a) she was female (in order to get the PUMA vote – not true – what pro-choice Clinton supporter would vote for a pro-life candidate) b) she is young (in order to balance out the age issue on the ticket – not true, she may be young but shes not inexperienced) and c) she will bring the evangelicals into the fold. Thats the sizzle. The steak of the matter is that she is a true reformer, she kicked ass and took names in Alaska. She can’t be any further from the beltway – she is about as far removed from Washington as Biden is embedded in Washington. McCain is back to his maverick status. Palin finally, hopefully brings some true fiscal responsibility back to the ticket, any ticket. Something that has been lacking for far too long. Plus Obama’s past elections all seem to be slam-dunks because his opponents were either kicked off the ballot by his organization, or by the very timely expose of his opponents prior divorce proceedings. McCain is divorced, I wonder if that will be part of Obama’s October surprise. Of course, maybe there is nothing there.

Now the race gets interesting.

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All of you out there who say McCain picked Palin because she is a young, devout, gun-toting woman are sadly mistaken. That’s the sizzle, but the steak is the fact that that Sarah Palin actually kicked ass and took names in her short term as the Governor of Alaska. Plus:people say she is a fiscal conservative, when was the last time anyone in either of the two major parties was accused of being that? Let’s see if she can maintain that.

Obama/Biden is now Bush/Cheney.

McCain/Palin is now Mondale/Ferraro

The Democrats have a GOP style ticket and the GOP has a Democrat style ticket.

How times have changed.

“…In this interview, Palin calls controversial Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul “cool.” “He’s a good guy,” she added. “He’s so independent. He’s independent of the party machine. I’m like, ‘Right on, so am I.’ ””

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This is a good sign. If Palin can push McCain towards a more Ron Paul like position on the economy, on fiscal issues, on being a TRUE conservative, this my end up being a good thing.

“In essence, Obama is declaring simultaneous loyalty to individualism and to collectivism, to independence and to dependence, to free markets and to state control.” – Read More…

From the rousing speech from our King and Savior, he is calling for The End Of America As We Know It. The speech distills down to that joke quote, often attributed to BHO: “America is the greatest countr y in the world, now let’s work to change it”. Change it to what? Less than the greatest country of course. Obama throws personal responsibility out the window – no one is allowed to do anything on thier own – doing something on our own is old hat. The NEW thing is the same as the OLD thing. Tax, spend, control your life. Obama comes down hard on any Ayers connections. He bullies a respected researcher and broadcaster into submission. Silly Obama – that just makes us want to know MORE about all that. Is this a taste of the choking of anti-Obama thought we are in for once he’s the King?

…and the free press asking legitimate questions about the association of a candidate for President of the United States with a KNOWN DOMESTIC TERRORIST. Talk about putting a chill on discussion and debate.

Obama Campaign: Ayers Is Off-limits

Whatever their relationship is, it must be incredibly damning for them to go this far in order to suppress it.

Silly Obama – this just makes us want to know about it more.

Listen To The Full Audio Of The Show streaming from WGN Radio – its about 2 hours long:

Apologies for the poor sound quality. My bad, and I’ll make sure its fine next time.

Bill Clinton’s best performance ever, he can really act can’t he?  Move over Jesus, The Savior is here. The meme running through the DNC is that capitalism has failed, and that the only solution now is government. They will “force” businesses to do this, and “make” people do that. Its the more blatant use of the word “force” – I guess that they are not even interested in covering it up any more – they are admitting that government IS force.  Obama calls for criminal charges against someone speaking freely against him. What if he wins and the Fairness Doctrine comes into play. All of us libertarian/conservative bloggers/broadcasters will be under siege. I haven’t heard the word “taxpayer” uttered ONCE during the DNC, even though THE TAXPAYER is the one footing the bill for all this “forcing” and “making”.