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Monthly Archives: September 2008

They knew about this 10 years ago. Why should we believe them now?


The bailout bill is dead. The wicked bailout bill is dead! Wow. Never thought that there was still some integrity over there. Who cares if it was Pelosis speech that killed it. Its dead and thats great. Why are all the calls for the US to “do something” coming from foreign countries?

The bailout bill fails – Wow. I never thought they had it in them to actually proclaim that capitalism is not dead. It’s a stunner. I’m stunned that there are some politicians that have some integrity. Maybe we can finally see some positive movement in Congress for once.

A debate between the warrior and the professor leads to a tie. Obama says McCain wants to cut government programs with an axe when it needs a scalpel? I’d say we need a chainsaw. And Obama continues to stifle free speech. If he does that now, what will it be like when he is “ruling the country”

If you ask me, the Biden Human Gaffe Machine is more comparable to Dan Quayle than Sarah Palin. She’s the only real non-Washington insider in this little American Reality Show we have going here. And which pastor is more dangerous: Obama sitting in on 20 years of anti-white bile, or one Palin exorcism?

Why does Obama seem to hate free speech? He tries to shut down Freddoso and Corsi when they have radio interviews, he gets Missouri police to arrest people who run “erroneous ads”, and now I hear his YouTube comments are closed or moderated. What are you afraid of Senator?

Its the warrior vs the lawyer. This is really the best that they could come up with? I’m not voting for either of these losers and I hope you’ll join me but I doubt it. And I challenge you: give me ANY social, cultural or fiscal issue and I can trace its origin back to some kind of government intervention.

If McCain killed the bailout that great – if he helped it go through then thats strike 3 for me folks. 1 – McCain-Feingold, horrific restrictions on freedom of speech 2 – Amnesty – reward citizenship upon a ton of criminal aliens. I mean, whats the point of me voting when its obvious that all of Californias electoral college votes are going to Obama. And we need a new paradigm for TV.

Did McCain kill the bailout? If so, then he’s my hero – otherwise, no. Was Obama too chicken to debate earlier – must be why he was so sequestered off and my Prozac Nation theory. I hope we don’t have to swallow the Prozac and be just like “Old Europe

Good suggestion by my listeners – lets go all Atlas Shrugged on their asses. Who are the bloodsuckers going to get blodd from if we are no longer around to give it? McCain suspends his campaign in order to go to DC and DO SOMETHING. God, when will these people leave us and the markets alone? And Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin – like being a McCain stooge, Congressman?