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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Obama hasn’t even won yet and the REALITY of the people who will be hit by higher taxes is going DOWN. First he said $250,000, then $200,000, then Biden says $150,000, now Richardson is saying $120,000. Pretty soon, the real numbers will be out. Just like any other socialist country, you get hit by tax when you make $10k.


I’m no fan of Sheehan, but look at what happens when you go up against the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Axis Of Evil.


The jackbooted Marxist thugs are upon us people. I can hear the marching now.

Obama tosses reporters from papers who endorsed his opponent off his plane to make way for Ebony and Jet magazine. This is how Obama handles dissent? He squelches free speech, he squelches free markets, whats next? An effigy of Obama goes up – the people are arrested immediately and the effigy is taken down. An effigy of Sarah Palin went up a week ago – its down now finally, but NO ARRESTS. What, is sexism ok but racism verboten? Joe the Plumbers records were totally illegally accessed, but no one will suffer for that crime will they? And erally, why is Obama SO concerned about people voting EARLY? Is he that worries about buyers remorse? Is he really that worried about people finally waking up and thinking What Am I doing voting for this Marxist redistributor? Maybe he wants people in a befuddled emotional state – not thinking clearly when they vote. Think people. Do Your Research. Use Your HEAD, not your heart.

The Obama Infomercial is full of lies. Just like every other infomercial looks great when you watch it and you are almost convinced that the product is awesome – then you get it home and its a piece of crap. Don’t buy it people. Also, did the Obama campaign attempt to bribe the API $3 million in order to suppress a racist audio tape by Michelle Obama. And are they now getting death threats. Obama is panicking now. He wants you to vote now because everything is unraveling on him and he knows that. And where else do you see crowds like at Obama rallies? The Middle East, where they burn effigies of Bush, or Germany in Hitler’s time, where the crowd screams “Seig Heil”

A Black woman crying to the American people: Please give me Barack Hussein Obama as the next President – it is our time to rule you, she seems to be saying.

Dear Senator Obama:

Yes. “It is our time to rule you.” Don’t even hide behind the charade that is your candidacy. Come out in the open and say its all about race. Come out in the open and say that it’s all about your hatred and anger for the white man, your hatred and anger against your parents who abandoned you. You, who imagined all sorts of hatred and prejudice against you which never happened, but was parlayed upon you by all of your mentors, from Frank Marshall Davis – with your full uptake of Black Liberation Theology, to the anti-American and anti-white rantings of Reverend Wright, to your toasting of anti-Israel poetry at the Rashid Khalidi bash which to LA Times won’t release the tape of. It’s all unraveling senator. This is why there is panic in your voice. This is why you tell people to vote now before they can change their minds, before they can come to their senses. They are coming to their senses Senator. And they will say NO to you. And in droves.

Barack Obama’s entire life seems to be a trail of foreign, Communist, and Anti-American influences. A complete list would take a two hour movie at least, but you can get a quick overview here in time to make an informed decision of your own on election day. A ‘Must See’ video, in time to understand today’s unfolding drama in American politics. Who was Frank Marshall Davis, and what does his FBI file really say? What did Obama learn from Davis? Who is Khalid Al Mansour, the prime backer of Obama, and what is his objective for America? Why did the Black Panther Party re-form to support Obama? From Washington to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to Indonesia and beyond, the web encompasses the world.

Obamas infomercial in on tonight. Remember while you watch or don’t watch this guy is that not only does he believe in spreading the wealth, he also believes in globalism, so he will be spreading out wealth to the rest of the world. Sometimes I can see flashes of anger and hatred behind his mask – he is a bit like a Vulcan, having to repress his true feelings from the rest of us. He is suppressing our free speech rights now, what will happen once he has the full force of the US government behind him. I shudder to think.

6 Days Until The End Of Freedom In America?

Tonight is Obama’s infomercial. While you are watching, or not watching this man, understand a few things: he has said he is for redistribution of wealth, and he is also a globalist. Put those things together people. The redistribution will not only be within the US, but Obama will redistribute (aka STEAL) our wealth and give it to the rest of the world. Your choice – follow the founders vision – or bring in the same old class system we declared our independence from some 200 years ago.

To my California Viewers: Please vote No on 8. The State has no business in the bedrooms of the nation – Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Former Canadian Prim Minister.

The markets are suffering because Obama looks like he is winning – now that McCain is closing the gap and might win, the markets are doing better. Obama is no friend to free speech or free markets. 

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