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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Civility is gone in political discourse – Obama lovers use any means, including marking comments as spam and/or abusive in order to squelch support – look at all the hate poured against me and my videos simply because I don’t kneel at the feet of the Savior. And I’ve got the ONE thing that will really jolt the economy – forget about all these corporate bailouts, simply give all of us taxpayers half our taxes back from last year – and WE can then jolt the economy like you’ve never seen. Will it happen? No, why should Obama trust us with our own money?


Civility is gone, people. Obama has created and encouraged a new generation of yobs and yobbery – a whole cadre of individuals who feel empowered to intimidate and crush dissent and others. They can shrilly put down and shut down any kind fo dissenting opinion. Watch them swarm over internet communities and virtually swamp them with their opinions, use abuse and spam reporting mechanisms to shut down dissent. You cannot have a socialst state without a thug class.

It’s amazing. I still get fanatic Obama lovers posting comments on YouTube saying that that wish that someone would kill me. “Someone should throw Molotov Cocktails at you while you are driving” was the last one. Just great isn’t it – in the New Obamaland in which we live, death threats against dissenting opinion are just a fact of life I guess. Whatever happened to sprited debate on the issues? Out the window. What we are left with now is shrill slams by anyone who disagrees with you – either starting with a death threat, or culminating in a death threat. There is no way to agree to disagree. Its like arguing with an abuser – you aren’t leaving the room until you agree with me. I don’t care what you think. This is the new world in which we live – agree with me or die – agree with me or you are a racist – agree with me or you are a child molester etc etc etc – you must agree – dissent is not allowed – walk in lockstep with me, you must conform. And not only must we conform, if we do not conform the worst, vilest, most hateful smears are dropped upon us.

A Kenyan ambassador confirms that they will be building a monument to Barack Hussein Obama Jr at his birthplace in Kenya. Yes folks. Born in Kenya. Doesn’t anyone care anymore? Have we finally decided to tear the Constitution into shreds? Some in the Democrat camp would cheer, don’t you think. And the media is really disgusting now – every time the market goes up they connect it to an Obama act, but when it goes down they say nothing. This is even worse than the election.

Why do 5 million people want to show up at Barack Hussein Obamas coronation? Its all racism people. Dont you define racism as treating people differently based on the color of thier skin? Bailouts are simply nationalization in another guise. But does anyone care? Weve embedded cradle to grave thinking in everyones head – its gotta be someone elses responsibility now right?

What are we getting now? Bailout after bailout, stimulus after stimulus, its all nationalization by any other name. Why do 5 million people want to show up at Barack Hussein Obamas inauguration? Becasue they are racist – what makes Obama more special than say, John Kerry? Nothing but the color of his skin. Therefore only racists should feel that this inauguration is historic, right? And the API is back, will we ever hear the Michelle Obama tape or find out if Obama is really American Born?

Everything old is new again – Obama’s administration looks a hell of a lot like a Clinton Third Term – do you remember when they were lamenting that Bill Clinton couldn’t serve a 3rd term – MSNBC changes their slogan to We Love Obama – oh no I mean The Power Of Change – Wow. Why not just call yourselves a marketing organization for the Savior. Books, Gas, Federal Sales Taxes, doubling of the income tax, loss of the mortgage interest deduction. its all going to come about people. Obama need money. And Bush makes an passionate plea for free markets. Where was that when he was spending our money?

A little show and tell today where I outline some of the price differences for things between here (soon to be Lower Canada) and Canada. Expect to pay more for the set of Sin Taxes aka Booze, Gas and Cigs. Oh yeah, don’t forget books, doubling of your income tax rates and a soon to be implemented federal sales tax – see the Canadian GST. All of these new social welfare programs have a price people, and guess who is paying it?

The API, who supposedly have a tape of Michelle Obamas racial rant, have been shut down by WordPress since they are not glowing about our new lord and Savior. Why does this birth certificate issue not go away – simple – now they have sealed off access to it – obviously there is something to hide there – personally Id love to see immigrants run for President, in some cases they understand what is special about America even more than American born citizens do.  And guess what people: there aint no such thing as a free lunch: a sample of the new prices for things once you get all the lovely social programs Obama is promising.

The company, African Press International, who says that they have the Michelle Obama racial rant tape, blog is shut down by WordPress since they attack our new King and Savior. The birth certificate issue is not a liberal, conservative, republican or democrat issue, its a Constitutional issue. Is the Constitution the supreme law of the land, or not?