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Monthly Archives: January 2009

While The People have to worry about losing their jobs, losing their homes, sleeping in their cars and their lives being ruined, our King And Savior Obama dines on $100 a pound Wagyu steak at the White House. And no one cares.  The stimulus bill – not bad enough that it give tax refunds to those people who never paid any tax – it also gives money to criminal aliens, aka illegal immigrants. And guess who else is going to be getting billions of dollars? Well, I guess its payback time – remember how that institution that gave Michelle Obama a giant raise got a giant kickback from Obama once he won the Senate seat? Now its ACORNs turn: they sow the seeds of economic destructions in order to get their guy into office, and now he pays them back, big time.


Not only does the stick-it-to-us bill give tax refunds to those who never paid taxes – it also give out free money to illegal aliens – aka criminal aliens – this guys score is so bad I can’t seem him ever getting to positive territory. We’ve had two really bad weeks for free speech and free markets, but no one seems to care. Another beneficiary of the bill: billions and billions of dollars for ACORN – yes, the group which killed the economy and help propel King Obama into the White House. Teachers are starting to display giant images of our benevolent leader to schoolkids eveywhere – shades of Big Brother.

The title says it all. Obama cares so much for the little guy that he rubs our face in his opulence.  Are we under seige by paid Chinese commentators, and is the Fairness Doctrine coming back, rebranded as the Free Speech For All Act?

Why do people say “I’d never want to do Obama’s job right now, it must be monumentally difficult” Gee, if you ask me I’d take that job in a second. Why you ask? Because I think I can do a better job, I have the solutions that work – unlike his solutions – like the stimulus package, which have been proven by history NOT to work – my solutions have been proven by history that they DO work. Did Bush ever say Islam was the enemy? I thought Bush was the first to say “Islam is a religion of peace” – or at least “Islam Is Peace”. And were do the Gitmo inmates go once we let them out? Back on the front lines against us. So whats Obama gonna do? Let them out so they can go back to terrorizing innocents and killing Americans?

Obama goes on Al Arabiya and says We Are Not Your Enemy to the Muslim world – if you ask me – we NEVER said they were – in fact Bush himself said Islam Is Peace. I mean – when did this policy change? Only in the minds of Democrat politicians. People say that Obamas job is really hard – look at what he is saddled with – and no one would want it. Well I say different – I’d take his job in a SECOND! Why? Because my solutions: free market, roll back government, taxes, programs work and they have been proven to work by history. Course Obama knows this as well, the difference is that HE doesn’t want to solve things – he just wants more power.

A true ramble fest today: free markets in action, entering Obamaland, Obama whacks Rush, Blago coulda pick Oprah for Senator, this stimulus pacakge is like ripping off a band-aid – we need to rip it off fast, not slow. Obama disarms us, setting up the next attack. Of course this time he won’t hit back – its will be like – what did we do to piss you off, you poor things? I won – and I’m rubbing it in your face. Buyers remorse IS setting in, and the Obamabots are getting shriller and shriller. Is Obama just a front man for Joe Biden?

99% of innovation in all fields of science did not come from public workers using public funds. It came from private inventors working for themselves for arguably selfish reasons – so that they could be financially successful. Did government invent the personal computer, the light bulb, or a cure for chicken pox? No public funds were spent in the making of those inventions.

Why should we spend even one penny of taxpayer money for abortions? Its a totally personal decision. Obama probably holds some resentment for being abandoned by two sets of parents. Pelosi continues this with her it will help the economy to have less babies – state supported stem cell research starts again. Why does the state have to pay for this – why can’t private business do it all? And closing Gitmo will dump another 200+ terrorists on the market and like others previously released, back into the arms of Al Qaeda.

Obama re-funds abortion money – if you ask me abortion is a purely personal matter – I just object to taxpayers dollars going to fund it – either here or overseas – I think Obama believes in abortion due to his childhood, where he was abandoned by 2 sets of parents. And Pelosi also agree – she thinks it would help the economy to have less babies – of course since the role of government is to feed everyone. It’s like those population activists who believe that the human race is a blight on the planet, and half the planet should die – just not them.

Obama proves he is an empty suit, a simple puppet who can’t answer a question without going to his overlords for his position. With the stroke of a pen, Obama says that we will no longer do whatever it takes to win against terrorists. When you are in a ring with a dirty fighter who will break any rule to win, you can’t win when you aren’t allowed to stoop to their level – or even below their level. So he may as well have said: You Win. Todays Score: -100