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Monthly Archives: February 2009

If you are wondering how our wonderful king and savior is going to pay for all of these wonderful social programs and bailouts, just Ask A Reformed Socialist: its pretty simple: First soak the rich, then soak businesses (which we all know is simply additional tax on people since businesses simply pass their costs on down to the consumers), then when thats not enough, initiate a federal sales tax. If we are going to be like any other socialist country, we’d better get cracking on a federal sales tax, I mean Canada, Australia and the UK all have one – maybe we should. Of course you are saying – how is that possible? Won’t that mean taxing the poor as well? Sure, but they can get tax refunds. Not the rest of us though. Next after that is the mortgage interest deduction. That first will be gone for high earners, then slowly disappear for everyone. Obama doesn’t want you in a house, he doesnt want you anything but dependent on the government for everything. Right now, we are not as dependent on the government as they are in these other countries. Obama and his Axis of Evil are working hard to destroy the rugged American individualism that made this country great. How does this work? Make the Kool-Aid sweeter and sweeter so that more and more people drink it, and in the end if you don’t drink it, you will be forced to at the point of a gun. And then you won’t be able to fight back as the government will have all the guns. The second half of this is when the government reduces our options, there will be a equal reduction in our happiness. Our culture will be completely different. The optimism which is the backbone of America will disappear. We have to fight for our independence, we have to fight for our freedom.





THE SECRET: SHH! I tell you a secret! Did you know that Barack Hussein Obama is LESS POPULAR than George W. Bush? Bet you won’t hear that statistic anywhere. One month into George W. Bushs presidency, his approval rating was 63%. Our lord and savior? He just dipped below 59%, and is actually rocketing downwards at a rate of 10% per month. At this rate, he will be less popular than Bush when he left office by the time his first 100 days are up. And with good reason if you ask me.

BOBBY JINDAL:  I critique Bobby Jindal’s response to the Obama “lets all work together to expand the state”. If you look past the “good ole boy” persona – I mean what do you expect, the guy may have an Indian background but what do you expect, he’s from the freaking south. I was impressed by the response because he kept on the topic of solid fiscal responsbility. The party that focuses on fiscal responsbility can win. If they are allowed to.


ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MULTI-HUNDRED-BILLION: Obama plans to fork over $632B for socialized medicine, $750B more for bailouts, $75B for Afghanistan, Iraq etc, this is after a $410B spending plan and a $787B stick-it-to-us PORK plan. How are we going to pay for all of this? Soak the rich of course. But, you can take every last penny of those people who make more than $250K a year and it still wont cover it. So we will probably see taxes for everyone, then….

A FEDERAL SALES TAX: Yes, folks, its coming. All of those wonderful socialist European countries who Obama and his minions idolize, all have to have a federal sales tax in order to help pay for all of these boondoggle spending plans. The UK has a VAT, Canada has a GST. This tax is on goods AND services. I predict something between 7-9%.

JINDAL SPEECH: Oh those quaint Republicans! See how they point at the politics of the past! See how they continue to try to champion the failed concepts of free markets and capitalism. The speech was good if you ask me. I was looking for substance, not style.

OH HOLY BAM: Note how the imagery of Obama nowadays always seems to have a halo around his head. He is not holy.

Yes folks, this is a War On Socialism. Obama’s salvo on his side was full of indications of where he believes the country should go – deeper and depper into a land where big government runs everything. Basically, they want to tunr us into China, where all production is government run and free speech is crushed underfoot. You don’t even have to read between the lines: if you don’t support socialized medicine, green technlogies, and clean energy, you are not “blessed” and we will do whatever we can to either let you twist in the wind or simply destroy you (as in his stance on clean coal). Remember when Bush famously said “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists” He was talking to foreign nations. Obama said last night “You are either with us, or you are against us”. except he said it to the American people.

Where is the help for entrepreneurs in this rhetoric? This is a regime which is openly hostile to business! No surprise though – he knows nothing about wealth creation – he only knows about wealth redistribution. But the rich won’t let themselves be raped.

But I’m optimistic: Obama’s approval rating has dropped 10% in one month. Incredibly, he had 69% support on inauguration day. Today its at 59%. People are waking up. People are seeing him systematically take the country apart, birck by brick. And those of us who understand what governments proper role is are not liking it at all. Next up on Obamas agenda:

  1. Socializing Medicine
  2. Increasing the handouts on social programs and making more people eligible for them, thus expanding the number of people who depend on big government
  3. Eviscerating the 2nf amendment – preparing for violent unrest
  4. Amnesty for 12 million illegals – as long as they sign up to be Democrat operatives for 2010

This is a War. It is a War on Socialism. And as in any kind of war, its has to be fought on many fronts. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be rolling our strategies in order to help everyone who wishes to be a knuckle in the iron fist of opposition. Watch for it. And if you have any strategies of your own, please let me know.





I noticed that the Obamabots are really inconsistent with their slams on us conservative/libertarian vloggers, so I thought I’d come up with this little guide to help them be more consistent.

  1. Find a conservative or libertarian vlogger. Despite the best efforts of Jonathan Soros and his board buddy Eric Schmidt, who are, IMHO, attempting to suppress any anti-Obama thought on YouTube, there are more and more of us each day waking up to the horror that is Barack Hussein Obama and his Reid/Pelosi/Frank Axis Of Evil. There are more and more of us each day and we won’t be silenced that easily.
  2. Use profanity in your comment. We all know who passionate you are in your displeasure of the vlogger. Plus using profanity really raises the level of discourse.
  3. Accuse the vlogger of being a virgin. This is despite the obvious fact that they probably make love with their significant other more times in a week and you do with your hand in a year.
  4. Accuse them of “living in their parents basement”. Many vloggers broadcast from their offices, garages or even bunkers, all of which were bought and paid-for by solid hard work done by the vlogger.
  5. A corollary to #4, accuse them of being unemployed, on welfare, not being able to get a job etc. Well, all of the vloggers I know have  a full time job supporting themselves and their families and don’t take handouts from anyone. So in this case, I’d say – those who smelt it, dealt it. How many of these commenters have the balls to get in front of the camera? Zero. Its easy and lazy to leave a comment.
  6. And finally, and this is for ADVANCED TROLLS ONLY! Most of the time, these comments are simple slams containing some or all of the above with no real content, since they have no evidence to defend “their man” (BHO), so they revert to baseless insults and harassment. The advanced trolls however don’t forgot to add a SLAM for President Bush, despite the fact that hes saved all our asses from terrorist attack over the last 8 years. I don’t agree with Bush on his fiscal policy, but you can’t argue with his success on the War on Terror.

And there you have it…My 6 step guide for Obamabot YouTube trolls.


  1. Yet another $410B of stimulus being thrown around by the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Frank Axis Of Evil. What I predicted, serial stimulus bills just like Japan in the 90s, are coming down the pipe.
  2. We know the engine of the economy is free markets. They know this. But they don’t care becuase they are not trying to save the economy, they are trying to destroy it. In fact, it is the greatest wealth destruction in history. The stock market has dropped to the level it was in 1997. We have just seen 12 years of gained erased, just like that.
  3. Companies that are bailed out lose the sense of urgency competition brings. Companies NEED TO FAIL. If there is no failure, then there is NO fighting spirit.
  4. I’m sick and tired of all of those people who diss America. Go live somewhere else and understand that this is still the best place on earth.
  5. I compare the thugs in the Obama administration to the thugs in Clockwork Orange. They are getting pleasure in watching the destruction of this country. There’s George Soros, orchestrating the destruction of America. They are destroying the country and they are laughing about it
  6. Obama met with 9/11 families and told them that the reason they were closing Guanatanamo was that the rest of the world was getting confused between Abu Gharib and Guantanamo. So instead of informing the world of the differences, he shuts it down. Its AN EXCUSE. An excuse to release the American killers back into the wild in order to go kill more Americans.

That’s right – my rantings seem to have attracted the attention of some folks at Fox, I was contacted last week by the producer of the show “Happy Hour” which is on weekdays at 5pm ET. They wanted to feature some of the Bunker TV Show on Happy Hour and then interview me the next day, so I said sure. Last Wednesday, they played a clip off my show #117, and then had the co-president of Wells Fargo home mortgage rebut my position. His rebuttal was basically “Well, people won’t want their credit records ruined” Well I say, why would people care if they get to keep their house for free.  The main reason people keep good credit is to buy a house and if they already have one, what is the draw?

The next clip is from Fridays show. They interviewed me via Skype. These guys, well at least Cody, one of the hosts, understands that the solution can only be found in the free market, and suggests a place to go to sign up for a protest march on April 1st. Here is the link at SpokeUp.

Plus I get in some really good lines:

  • “Over 60 Million of us said NO to Barack Obama on Election Day, and we are not being heard”
  • “We need to be an iron fist of opposition against bringing socialism into this country.  If you ask me, it’s un-American”
  • “Governments can’t stop doing something. The solution is to do nothing. Those companies need to fail. And all those people in those foreclosed homes need to be kicked out so that new people can buy those houses.”
  • “I used to be Canadian. I know what its like to live under socialism. That’s why I’m here. I hope we don’t become lower Canada over here because that was terrible.”

Wow. I heard the funniest joke ever on the weekend. The joke is that Barack Hussein Obama, our free-spending socialist lord and savior, is going to convene a “fiscal responsibility” conference. I could not stop laughing – there were tears in my eyes. This is like putting a drunk in charge of AA – he wouldn’t know what fiscal responsibility was if it bit him on the ass. Then he rolls out a budget – guess what magic he will be performing!? Cutting the deficit in half in 4 years! And how will he be performing this wonderful feat, you might ask!? Well he is going to “SOAK THE RICH” as we figured – lets just punish success, shall we. Funny thing about the rich though – they don’t really like being raped for money. So guess what? I bet the giant numbers of “rich” people on Obamas list will dwindle pretty fast once he starts taxin’ up the yin-yang, and they will have to lower the minimum salary to be taxed from 250k to 200k, then 150k, then 100k then pretty much everyone with a job will have to pony up their share. Ah well, you didn’t really need that job now anyways, did you? And Obama appoints someone to oversee the giant stick-it-to-us bill. I bet they are not there to minimize govt waste, but to make the that they all hire good Demoncratic operatives who will work hard for them next time around.

BTW, Freedom Bunker was featured on Happy Hour Fox Business Network – they played a clip of the show on Wed and I was rebutted by a spokesperson from Wells Fargo, and I was interviewed by the show hosts on Friday. I’ll get the video and put it up as soon as I can… 



Obama’s “Fiscal Responsibility” Summit:

Obama Rolls Out Budget:

Obama Selects Devaney To Oversee Stimulus:

Tax bracket chart:

The Huddle:  Big Government is Back

Freedom Bunker’s Chris Future goes nationwide and is featured on Happy Hour on FOX Business from an undisclosed location.

Cody Willard – Spoke Up founder –  a non-partisan social networking site focusing on politically-empowering the individual and enabling the citizenry to shine a light on government corruption, cronyism and conspiracy

Hey there. Chris McKenzie here. My buddy Chris Future was kind enough to let me take over the show today, eh? I just had to talk about your great lord and saviors visit to my country. Did you know that 80% of us hosers up here just LURVE your President. We thought we were better than you Americans – but not any more! Guess he came up to get more tips on bringing socialism down to the Great White South – or should that be the Great Black South? The Great Mullato South? Anyways, over beers, I chat about our great healthcare system, all the wonderful services we get at double the tax rate, and The Leafs of course, who btw, still suck. Later, eh?

Barack Hussein Obama rolls out his next plan, now its $275B for foreclosure relief, the same thing I got really pissed off about on show #117. Gee, $800B here, $275B there, pretty soon its going to add up to some real money. We hear about these poor people being kcked out of the homes they cant afford, why don’t we ever hear about the millions who are saving money for a down payment and waiting for the market to correct to the point where they can get into a home. What about all those people, this hidden majority? Now Obama has shut out all those people. People who did it the right way. People like you and me. You see, with Obama, you don’t have free markets, which are economic evolution, survival of the fittest, you have survival of the weakest, and punishment of the strongest. We are rewarding the economically weak and killing the economically strong. He wants a nation of economic weaklings dependent on the state.

BHO rolls out his foreclosure bill, which keeps people in thier homes even if they haven’t paid their mortgages. Too bad for all those people out there who were saving their money for a down payment, waiting for the market to correct. The new policy is survival of the weakest and punishment of the strongest. It doesn’t pay to be successful anymore. And a bunch of criminal aliens SUE a border property owner cuase he didn’t want them crossing his land to get into America. I’m sure they will be citizens soon under an Obama amnesty plan. Finally, 1000s of illegals are not being deported. No one has the resources apparently.

We may as well have a liberal supermajority, if the Democrats can ram any bill through without  any opposition. God Damn America and what it thinks. He won – the Democrats won and we simply have to deal with the new 1 party system.  Are we idiots for paying our mortgages? Should we just let things slide so WE can take advantage of the giant government bailout? Why do they even need to act “bipartisan”? Some people say – so what – let them shoot themselves in the foot. But they are shooting all of us in the foot. Will we be able to walk again? Basically, Obama and his Axis of Evil are saying FU to over 60,000,000 Americans – at least that many said NO to Barack Hussein Obama. But who represents them?