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Monthly Archives: March 2009


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A little known provision in the AIG Bonus steal-back law is that the government can now retroactively reach back and make any contract any employee makes with any employer who takes government money null and void. So you signed an offer letter at that company for $80k, did your job correctly, then the company runs into trouble, the government forces them to take some bailout funds, and in the process reviews all employee salaries. Imagine that that government functionary decides that your job is only worth $50k a year. They then tax that $30k off you, RETROACTIVELY. After this, price controls are not far behind – when you tell companies what they can pay, pretty soon you will have to tell them what they can charge. And then Obama, like Hugo Chavez, starts forcing companies to charge less for milk. We are HURTLING towards full-on socialism, and no one seems to care.


Looks like GM and Chrysler need to bend over even further in order to get help from the government. Sure, here agree to all these conditions to create cars which are not in demand and and we will give you the money. Why not just just nationalize them and be done with it. Janet Napolitano is between a hard rock and a hard place, on the one hand, Americans want to see illegals taking their jobs shipped back to where they came from, but the illegal activists gave Obama a lot of money during his campaign and they want to see results. My prediction: the raids will keep coming until he’s rammed through the socialized health care plan, then he will let up and declare amnesty. He wants to have all the goodies ready for them when he finally makes all the lawbreakers citizens. Obama is heading to Europe for the G20. Funny that he will be on the inside with all the other “leaders” when his politics are actually more in line with the anti-capitalism protesters outside. Those of you out there who are thinking a possible Romney bid in 2012, please remember he brought socialized health care to MA. Do we really want that across the country? That will totally bankrupt us – if we aren’t already. And finally, its funny that whenever a Democrat is elected president, someone in Congress tries to repeal the term limits on the Presidency and make them President-For-Life. You know what, I don’t think even Obama wants to simply be the president of the US for the rest of his life once he’s destroyed it. I think he’s looking at President of the World, next.

Now that his foreign policy has shown stunning naivete, what can anyone say that Obama has done right? Economy: F Security: F Immigration: F Health Care: F and now Foreign Policy: F. The Obama Report card is looking pretty bleak. Can anyone tell me what he has done right? No really, I’d really like to know. Those of you out there who support the Savior, please outline his positive points. Cause I can’t see any from here…

I detail a little incident at a library describing the difference between public and private enterprises. Although pretty soon, the public enterprise experience will infect private enterprise, just like it has in other socialist countries.  I guess calling the war on terror the “overseas contingency operation” will make our enemies hate us less? Obama, the anti-war president, sends 4000 troops trainers to Afghanistan. Uh huh. Pelosi puts a govt run health care into the latest bill, and Obama’s aunt is facing a deportation hearing since she is in the country illegally AND is getting FREE housing, helath care and food stamps. Must be nice.

Did we really all become socialists? Did 61% of Americans really decide all of a sudden that America’s founding principles are wrong? Obama and his admistration are complete idiots when it comes to the economy, on the military, or foreign policy? This guy is more of a bumbling, stubling loser than Bush, but for some reason no one can see it?? And Mark Levin has a great idea – lets call liberals by thier true name: STATISTS.

Obama is looking to close all tax loopholes. Too bad he is going to penlize success yet again. I bet the mortgage interest deduciton is on the table. Did you ctach the Obama press conference? He reminds me of those supercilious VPs who think they are so smart. They just go on and on thinking they are SO smart when they really aren’t. Why don’t we have something like business idol. Where instead of people singing to a panel of judges, we get entrepreneurs pitching to a panel and getting some money in order to build the business. And Obama plans to bailout newspapers now. We have a publicly funded statist radio network (NPR), a publicly funded statist TV network (PBS), and now a publicly funded statist newspapar network? Who needs it?!

Obama is about to re-write the tax code – bye bye mortgage tax deduction! He ditches his TOTUS for a big screen TV, big whoop. Still an idiot. ACORN will be “partnering” with the census, ensuing democrat one-part rule forever. And why the hell woudl I want to bail out newspapers which are simply mouthpieces for BHO? We have a publicly funded statist radio network (NPR), a publicly funded statist TV network (PBS), and now a publicly funded statist newspapar network? Who needs it?!

Pretty soon, YOU will be rich. Thats right, when the all growing giant maw of government needs more money, the taxes will drop from $250k a year to what you make right right now. When will the Kool-Aid drinkers for Obama wake up? It’s antethical to the whole culture of America. Hr 1388 brings us the new brown shirts. Camps in areas of low population. Standard uniforms. A summer of service gives you a whopping $500. I’d tell my kids, go get a real job making real money in the real world.

Obama now seeks to seize all types of companies – not yet banks. Why not nationalize everything? As one of my viewers suggested, the question is not why but when. Next, Obama will most likely use this populist anger to tax ALL executive bonuses for ALL companies, whether or not they take money from the government of not. Most executives MAKE many multiples of thier salaries and bonuses in profit for their companies. THIS IS WHY THEY GET PAID THE BIG BUCKS. Most profits mean more successful businesses, more jobs, and in the end more taxes. Organizing For America, the 10 million Kool-aid drinkers for Obama, go knocking on doors for his budget plan. Who really cares? Obama doesn’t need these 10 million Kool-Aid drinkers when he has the full force and power of the US government and military behind him. He was elected because we didn’t want another Bush. But he is another Bush X10 on the economic front. He is anything but the savior, he is Kali.

Don’t you find it ironic that an African-American brings back slavery? Actually, its not Obama himself, since we all know he is simply a simple puppet. In this case, its Rahm Emmanuel, ye of civilian security force, bringing in a bill to force volunteerism on Americans. Slavery? Some say no. What else do you call a paltry $500 for a full summers worth of work? I’d say instead to my kids, get a real job, for a real company, and make some decent money. Yes, help yourself, not the community, cause the community can help itself. And whats this about training camps away from the centers of population and a standardized uniform? I wonder if the color of the shirts this force will wear will be brown.