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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I’m tired, and so are you probably, of being shafted day in and day out. We produce, they steal from us. Obama as Jesus and Specter jumps ship – good riddance.


Obama’s 100 days.

Sounds like Obama’s team is spending a ton of time and money forging something. Since the Bush National Guard fiasco, I guess they want to make this forgery really realistic.

More Obama Porn: how can people still think of this man as our savior?

Cass Sunstein believes internet speech should be squelched.

We don’t need your kind in the GOP anymore. We need Goldwater conservatives.

Is Obama planning to release a forged birth certificate? Remember what happened with the forged Bush National Guard memos – if thats true, I bet millions are being spent right now in order to make a perfect forgery. Its funny how the swine flu hit Mexico right after Obama left it. Someone who actually shook the presidents hand actually died of it. Maybe HE infected the guy? Kinda like the opposite of that 24 episode? Of course this swine flu outbreak is a call for more and more government intervention in our lives. Did you know that Mexco has socialized medicine? Guess that didn’t help much did it – since almost all the deaths are in Mexico. Some nut in the White House approves a low level fly by of the presidential 747 for a photo-shoot around New York – way to kill a day – way to freak out millions of people whose memory of that day is seared into their brains. And Obama brings us Euro-style socialism. Did we vote for that? Or did we just vote the GOP out?

I tell you – I never used to believe in conspiracy theories. I used to think, nah, there is no way the government was smart enough to do something like that. But now, since 9/11, I have to think the unthinkable: swine flu a way of culling the population? FEMA camps? Thousands of coffins ready for some disaster? National guard being trained to take our weapons? Obama freaking out the residents of NY with flybys, dropping swine flu virus it is wake? Obama visits Mexico, then there is an explosion of swine flu? Mark Levin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny is excellent. Did you know that the Federal Register of all laws and regulations is nearly 80,000 pages long. Thats 160 reams of paper. Kinda pales in comparison to the true law of the land, the constitution. 

The new Star Trek movie is coming up – hope that Abrams inserts some of that libertarian sensibility that was in the original series. I talk about Kings – looked like it had promise until they bring in the bad guy behind the scenes, who of course is a businessman. Where is the great libertarian media we used to create – where the businessman wasn’t the bad guy. Napolitano blames Canada for allowing the 9/11 hijackers into the country – partially right – Canada has such as open door policy is its terrible – people wanting to emigrate to the US sometimes use Canada as a conduit. Why do they do this? They need cash! All of these socialist regimes need lots and lots of taxpayers NOT working under the table as a typical illegal immigrant would. And we shouldn’t blame Obama – since that’s his excuse for everything – Remember “I was 8 years old at the time”. How does he defend the US against the anti-American screed by Ortega? “Don’t blame me! That wasn’t me!”

Obama’s strategy: don’t blame ME, I wasn’t around when this stuff was happening. Napoletano says blame Canada, since the 9/11 hijackers came through Canada. I agree! Lets blame Canada since their totally open immigration policy lets anyone into the country for any reason. Why? They NEED MONEY! all of the socialist nations need to bring illegal immigrants out into the open so they can become taxpayers,  feeding the beast of government. This is another reason why Obama wants to give amnesty to these 12 million illegals: not only will they probably vote for him on giving them citizenship for free, he needs them as TAXPAYERS in order to continue to feed the gaping maw. And if government-run health care comes through, that may be the last straw.