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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Just Google “OHIP denies treatment” and “medical tourism”. See the hundreds of treatments that socialized medicine denies, and guess where people go in order to get treatments? Yup…they leave their socialized medicine countries and come to the US for treatment. Wonder why?


The real reason that Obama and his minions want to ram through this huge energy tax increase in the guise of a climate change bill is that real honest dialog about the fact that man-made global warming is a complete fraud is finally stating to surface. There is a huge groundswell of intelligent, non-politicized scientists and climatologists who simply do not believe that it is a FACT. So why are we rushing? Don’t you think more thought on a giant expensive bill like that is needed?

The Obama/ABC Obamacare Infomercial fudges facts on socialized healthcare. When will we get a real debate on this incredibly important issue? Never, as Obama wants this rammed through asap. At that point there is no going back.

Obama manipulates the media like never before. And they let him do it. I say – “Grow some balls and do your jobs!”

The Iranians are revolting against an oppressive regime and Obama wants to watch it all play out? Why is he so soft against the hardliners in Iran? Probably because, as another authoritarian, he can sympathize. what is the real difference between Obama and Khamenei? Degree.

The only way to see liberty in our lifetime is to infiltrate the GOP and turn it into an ersatz Libertarian Party.

Palau takes up to 17 of the Gitmo detainees, but not out of the goodness of their heart. We PAID (bribed) them $200B to do it. By my math thats 11 Billion per detainee. Hell, if you are giving away $11B per detainee, I’ll take one. I’ve got room for a human sized cage in my backyard for that price.

Obama spent $870,000 of our taxpayer money saving each job at Chrysler. This is how government wastes our money. Simply letting Chrysler go into bankruptcy would have still saved the jobs as some other company would have swung in and bought them up. Obama does not want to save the economy, but to control it.

Now we’ll see who really runs Iran. The Mullahs, right?

Obama says he wants to take a “light touch” on free markets as he nationalizes businesses left and right. More hypocrisy from our hypocrite in chief.