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Monthly Archives: July 2009

I got an IOU from California for a measly $300 that they owe me in taxes. Obama is layering bill after bill after bill, each one larger than the other. The country is in ruins. Half a million new people a month are losing their jobs. Our rulers dine on $100 a pound steak, $700,000 junkets and buy $500 tennis shoes. Our government plays as the country and the culture burns and dies. Our only salvation, free speech and free markets, are also dying. Is this the time to bury our heads in the sand and say “this too shall pass”? Or is now the time to fight? Even if we do fight, what are our options? The Statists control everything. Is there is way to go back? This is what I feared most when Obama won – that he would take us into statism so fast, we wouldn’t know what hit us. And that is exactly what happened.


Do you know what is going to get us out of this economic slump? Its not just free markets, its also the innovation which springs from a free market. Humans ARE creatures of competition. The essence of humanity is striving to do better. And why would anyone decide to create a new product or service in order to make money and be successful when its possible that 80-90% of your wealth will be ripped from you by an overreaching administration? Why bother being successful when there is no reward?

So the controversial Palin steps down. She did what was best for the state I guess. Question is: does it matter? Could Palin re-invent herself as the savior of Goldwater conservative principles? There was talk at one point about Palin being Ron Paul’s running mate. Is she as as destructive as Hillary Clinton was one to the Democrat party. Will she be able to bring fiscal conservatives from all parties together in order to create a truly more libertarian solution? Or will she fizzle like all attempts to increase free speech and free markets? Who knows.

Oh man. Looks like Al Gore has pretensions on being the first King Of The World – watch out Obama. He calls for “global governance” aka One World Government. Kinda like what one of Obama’s new advisors, the SciTech czar said in his book: We need a “planetary regime” and in order to combat “overpopulation” we need forced abortions and forced insertions of pregnancy blocking devices, cause of course the human race is a pestilence on the planet which must be destroyed. How is it that all these nutbars are treated just fine in a Democrat regime, when they would be slammed as little Hitlers in a GOP regime? Either way, has anyone asked why we have people hostile to the human race in positions of power. Oh wait, I suppose that could be said of ALL politicians…;)

Remember that this isn’t just “the 4th”. Its our Independence Day from a tyrannical overreaching government which taxed the life out of us, and suppressed our freedoms. Wait a sec – basically the exact same thing we have today. What is the difference between King George and King Obama other than the King used to be across the Atlantic, now he’s sitting right there in Washington, DC? Maybe we need a new Independence Day, where we declare ourselves free of a constantly growing, incredibly intrusive government, soon to tax the life out of us in cap and trade and suppress our freedoms via socialized healthcare. So in between bites of that steak or burger today,think about how free we are now, how free we were when we were founded, and how you can work to keep us free in the future.

Do you know why they ousted Zelaya? He wanted to declare himself dictator for life and suspend the 4 year rule. I wonder if thats why Obama, Castro and Chavez all agreed that he should go back. Obama probably aspires to be dictator for life as well.

Just when I think that humanity has moved on and has become more intelligent, we hear about people killing themselves all because a pop star died. The real problem is people looking outside of themselves for salvation. Hell, i’d even prefer people looking to God for salvation compared to Michael Jackson, Oprah or Obama.