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Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Bullycrats

Baucus lays siege on a company which had the temerity to inform their customers of changes to their health care based on a reading of the new health care plan. Those bastards! They are capitalists and must be put down and put down hard.


Obama Throws ACORN Under The Bus

Hmm. Last weekend Obama threw ACORN under the bus and he sounded like he didn’t know much about an organization that he worked for for over 20 years. So I guess you embarrass him and you get thrown under the bus. Doesn’t he need them to win the next election though? I guess they will still fight for them even if he disses them. True abusive behavior.

Banker Pay

What makes you think Obama will stop at regulating just banker pay. We are all on the list, peoplel

Discuss: Since it has been proven time and time by historical fact that its less government intervention in markets is what lets the economy roar back, why is Obama continuing to follow the course of expanding government? Is it that a) he does not care about the economy and the half million plus NEW unemployed every MONTH and only wants to force through his giant expansion of government b) he is naive and really thinks that more government intervention will really help the economy, which has been proven totally false in every case or c) he is purposely making moves to wreck the economy and take us back down to the Third World since its so much easier to subjugate a Third World country than it is to subjugate a First World country.

On a previous show, I talked about how socialized medicine will change American culture. I go into a little more detail here. Most other countries in the world how have a large number of social programs crush their citizens with huge income taxes, huge sales taxes, and all sorts of additional costs. The cultures in these countries go from optimistic to pessimistic, when its takes more and more effort to stay in the same place. Whereas before, maybe one salary could support a family, once these programs start taking their toll, and trust me they are much much more expensive when they are “managed” by the state, both parents may need to work or get additional jobs just to make ends meet. It fosters an “every man for himself” attitude where no one helps anyone else. If you go to these countries you’ll note how surly most people are. They are struggling to survive every day under the crushing tax burden. That’s our future under an expansion of these programs, especially health care, as its the most expensive and intrusive.

The plan is out and its a doozy. More costs for everyone. Higher taxes, less choice, government takeover and eventual destruction of yet another industry. Fascism, anyone?

You know whats really absurd? That ACORN falls due to this idiotic pimp/prostitute go get a mortgage video, when they done a hell of a lot more criminal things than that. Oh well, I say “whatever works” to shut down this corrupt, criminal enterprise. Please, Republicans, at least follow through on that, otherwise we’ll really start thinking that you are in on the joke with the Democrats…

So Jimmy Carter says its all about race now. Not because his policies stink. No its all about race. Of course, that what they always trot out when they can’t defend their guy. Just call his opponents racist. Red Herring anyone?

To my liberal friends…how do you feel about Obama’s position on gay marriage, the War on Drugs and others. He’s a failure on those fronts as well.

Some reports state that over 2 million people marched on Washington to protest increased spending and more government intervention into our lives. Some conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and many Republicans are latching onto this as a new “conservative” revolution. The only conservative thing that the marchers believe in is of the “fiscal” type. Don’t be fooled. Once the Republicans use this anti-government backlash to get themselves voted back in, they will continue the SAME spending sprees, only on different things. McCain wanted a health care bill too, remember? The only solution is to force the Republicans to truly take up the full mantle of libertarian thought and run with it, and not just discard it after they are elected back in. Ever wonder why people still feel that the country is on the wrong track, even though there has been a changing of the guard? The people realize they are both the same.