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Monthly Archives: November 2009

ObamaCare, By The Numbers

ObamaCare, By The Numbers

Stats on Obamacare, in case you weren’t aware. and these are just the monetary costs. Theres no telling now much long term damage this will do to our culture, when government own our bodies as well.

Pages: 2032
Words: 450000
Hours to read it: 48
Number of times REGULATION appears: 181
Number of times TAX appears: 214
Number of times FEE appears: 103
Cost: $1,055,000,000,000
Doc Pay Cut: 21.5%
Stolen From Medicare: $426,000,000,000
States Pay: $34,000,000,000
New Taxes: $572,000,000,000
SurTax: 5.4%
Top Tax Rate: 45%
New Biz Tax: 8% (passed on to consumers)
New income Tax: 2.5% or $3800 per family
New government bureaucracies to administer this: 111
Abortion Fee, per enrollee: $1. Which is what? $40,000,000+?

Americans Opposing the Bill: 54% or 165,000,000


Take Heed, GOP

Take heed, Republicans. if you ever want to get back into power, you need to be more conservative and libertarian. Ever wonder why those polls saying the country is on the wrong track DON’T CHANGE no matter who is in power? It’s because NEITHER party is the party of the people. NEITHER party wants to go back to the founders vision of America. But the American people DO.

“In New York, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has surged into the lead in the 23rd Congressional District, according to two polls, following the abrupt withdrawal Saturday of Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava. A Siena Research Institute Poll showed Mr. Hoffman, who was embraced by the Republican Party following Ms. Scozzafava’s withdrawal, leading 41% to 36%. A survey by Public Policy Polling showed a bigger lead, 54% to 38%.”

America Disheartened

Obama and his ilk don’t care if Americans are disheartened. in the past, we were always able to see a future. Not this time. When people are starting to be taxes 50,60, 70%+, they will give up – they are not automatons that will simply do the Saviors bidding. Americans understand how important it is to support success, not penalize it. Will this attitude of false optimism in our government kill America?

Audit The Fed Bill

Info on current status of House and Senate versions of the Audit the Fed bill:

The house bill (HR 1207 sponsored by Ron Paul) has a spectacular 307 Cosponsors (all the Republican Reps, well over 100 Dem Reps), yet it languishes in the Financial Services Committee because Barney Frank wants it to. He says he wants the bill to pass, but he wants to make it a part of a regulatory reform package, but we all know that the “reforms” they are talking about is to give the Fed more power and control over all financial sectors even controlling executive pay at private companies. We need Congress members to demand that the bill moves forward on its own.

ACTION NEEDED: We need to contact our Congressperson and tell them to push this to a vote and not to include it in any other legislation. We want real transparency in the Federal Reserve System.

Here’s what the Daily Paul posted:

In the Senate, we have a respectable 30 Cosponsors (out of 100) for Bernie Sander’s version, S 604. It is essentially the same bill as in the house. We know the Senate is a harder nut to crack as they are not up for reelection every two years. They don’t have to pretend to listen to the constituents.

Here’s the immediate threat for the Senate: Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Bob Corker (R-TN) introduced “The Federal Reserve Accountability Act,” an attempt to kill HR 1207/S 604 by passing a bill that prevents a full audit and full transparency. We need to contact our Senators and tell them we want real Transparency, not this watered down version. This does not have a bill number yet.

ACTION NEEDED: We need to be all over this. Demand that that they support S 604 and lets stop this new, bogus bill cold. Here’s the link from Campaign For Liberty:…

There has been plenty more written at C4L and

There is huge bi-partisan support from all corners of the political landscape. I like this illustration of some of the supporters:…

The House Finance Services Committee had a hearing 3(?) weeks ago. One piece of info that came out is that Congress members have been deluged with messages of support for a full audit, both when they were home at town hall meetings and in DC. It is easy to let it slide after making calls for awhile. We know contacting them makes a huge difference and there are serious threats to both bills right now. We need to be hammering home the message.

$2M A Page

The health care bill is a doozy: trillions of dollars in spending for WORSE CARE. Why are we doing this again?

This Is Obama’s Mess Now

Obama is not interested in “cleaning up the mess”.

Stimulus Jobs WAY Overestimated? Join The Enemies List

Obama adds AP to the enemies list because they had the temerity to report the truth.

Barney Frank Is The Jim Carrey (ala Liar, Liar) Of The Democrat Party

Barney Frank tells it like it is.