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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Avatar Sucked

Yes, the movie was very beautiful, but no it was not the “iPhone” of movies. Tired plot characters and the same old “native peoples are wonderful – humans suck” liberal clap-trap. Could have been a great movie had our boy from Kapuskasing not gotten on his soapbox.


The Mainstream Media Finally Gets It? Hardly!

The MSM finally takes Obama to task for his lack of transparency on the health care rape and pillage of our culture and wallets. Wonder how long this tiff will last.

Pants On Fire AKA The System Worked…

Now, if Janet Napoletano was actually referring to “The American People” when she said “system”, then she was right. if she was referring to the TSA, then dead-wrong

Obama’s Year in Review

365 Moments of Silence for the Year from Hell, and the Decade From Hell

Bring on the Tens, where the PEOPLE TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY