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Monthly Archives: August 2010

With all of the hububb around the Ground Zero Mosque, the churning around Glenn Beck presenting at the same spot Martin Luther King Jr. spoke, and the focus on what King and Queen Obama are doing on their 6th summer holiday, the country is being taken apart, piece by piece, by people who hate the whole idea of America. And this starts from the community-organizer in chief on down. The enemies of the idea of America are no longer offshore, they have infiltrated every level of our government.

Don’t get me wrong. This didn’t start with Obama, but it just might end with him. We are being set up to lose this country, once and for all, to the Marxists who have been lying in wait to take it from us. This started long ago, took its biggest step during the Great Depression, and it now taking even more steps faster to the end of America.

We can’t let this happen. We have to stop this now in its tracks. But how?