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With all of the hububb around the Ground Zero Mosque, the churning around Glenn Beck presenting at the same spot Martin Luther King Jr. spoke, and the focus on what King and Queen Obama are doing on their 6th summer holiday, the country is being taken apart, piece by piece, by people who hate the whole idea of America. And this starts from the community-organizer in chief on down. The enemies of the idea of America are no longer offshore, they have infiltrated every level of our government.

Don’t get me wrong. This didn’t start with Obama, but it just might end with him. We are being set up to lose this country, once and for all, to the Marxists who have been lying in wait to take it from us. This started long ago, took its biggest step during the Great Depression, and it now taking even more steps faster to the end of America.

We can’t let this happen. We have to stop this now in its tracks. But how?


Tax EVERYONE: Obama Administration To Let All Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Yes folks, even the unemployed will be whacked by all the new taxes Obama is planning for us. Remember that little campaign promise that taxes will not increase on anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year? A lie, of course. Those of you who voted for him: how do you like him now?

Don’t Walk In Lockstep

I often get accused of not being a libertarian because I have a different view on the War On Terror or some other such thing. if you ask me, NO ONE should walk in lockstep with one ideology or another. Look at Bush and Obama, neither of them are interested in being confused with facts, they are both ideologues. Take a look at all of the planks of a platform before you jump in, and even then, don’t be afraid to question each supposition and your leaders. if your leaders aren’t interested in listening to questions, then I suggest that you find another leader.

Even Canadian “State Governors” Have To Travel To The US For Treatment

Do you need a more telling example of how bad the much vaunted by this administration Canadian health care system is than the fact that even Canadian Premiers (basically the same as state governors) have to travel to the US in order to get treatment. Some treatments are basically completely unavailable in Canada. Is this what you want here as well – governments dictating which treatments you can/cannot have at any price?

Steal Billions, Rebate Hundreds: Obama Budget Nearly $4 Trillion

Typical: rip trillions out of our pockets and give us a $800 tax credit. This is stimulus? Im getting really sick and tired of both sides of the aisle pulling this kind of crap. Bush did the same thing remember the $300/$600 rebates. I mean WTF can that kind of money buy you nowadays when they are ripping thousands of dollars out of our wallets every paycheck?


Michael Moore In the White House

Now, Obama moves to eventually provide free post-secondary education to everyone. The guy is sounding more and more like Michael Moore all the time. Maybe he’s the man behind the curtain

LISTEN, Don’t Speak

Obama’s problem is that he doesn’t listen. Surprising with those elephatine ears, isn’t it. Well, dictators are not known to listen, are they?

Libertarians in The Closet

You know, i bet that there are more of us out there than you think. Witness all the snarky comments out there directed to both the Democrats and the Republicans. I’ll bet most people don’t realize how libertarian they really are


No point in getting a 3rd party in power, its never going to happen. We need to kick out the DNRs in Congress and install some RNDs (like Ron Paul) who believe in what we believe in.

Avatar Sucked

Yes, the movie was very beautiful, but no it was not the “iPhone” of movies. Tired plot characters and the same old “native peoples are wonderful – humans suck” liberal clap-trap. Could have been a great movie had our boy from Kapuskasing not gotten on his soapbox.